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Openings: Jeremy Geddes – “Exhale” @ Jonathan LeVine

This past weekend, Jonathan LeVine Gallery premiered a new exhibition from Australian painter Jeremy Geddes (interviewed). Making his long awaited United States solo debut along with peer Ashley Wood, Geddes made a splash with 17 superb paintings (previewed). Entitled Exhale, this new body of work featured a mix of subject matters ranging from his signature astronauts & urban landscapes to his imagination-inspiring subjects that seem to be thrown or propelled through residential domiciles. Known for his ultra-fine strokes and tight painting style, it was amazing to […]

Previews: Jeremy Geddes & Ashley Wood – “Exhale” & “Machine Sabbath” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

This Saturday, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery will host duo exhibitions from two accomplished artists from Australia. Jeremy Geddes’ (interviewed), whose work you see above, will make his US debut solo with a new body of work entitled Exhale. The Melbourne-based painter will unveil 17 fresh paintings rendered in his meticulous style. With his imagery left open to interpretation, Geddes often paints his subjects in mid movement floating in urban landscapes. Showing besides him is another Australian standout Ashley Wood. The award-winning illustrator and artist will also be making […]

Upcoming: Jeremy Geddes @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Showing alongside long time friend and collaborator Ashley Wood, the Australia-based Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) will be coming stateside for one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year. When the exhibition opens, the piece seen above entitled Miserere 1 depicting what seems to be some sort of spaceship or satellite will be on display as part of a series of ten paintings. Even more exciting will be the larger paintings like A Perfect Vacuum that will greet fans who will be visiting the New York showspace come October. […]

Update: Jeremy Geddes @ Jonathan LeVine

One of the more highly anticipated shows at the end of the year will be Jeremy Geddes’ (interviewed) solo at Jonathan LeVine. Fans already know that the new body of the work, which will be years in the making by the opening of the show on October 20th, will include the Cluster painting which was revealed earlier this year and also released as a print. It sounds as though the news and images from the upcoming exhibition be kept close to the chest for now, […]

Releases: Jeremy Geddes – “Cluster” Print

Tomorrow, February 6th, Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) will be releasing his Cluster painting (destined for Jonathan LeVine at the end of the year) as a print. Head over to his online store at 1 pm (Pacific Standard Time) for your chance to purchase 1 of the 200 prints for about $205 or if you want (here), you can opt for a larger print (here) for $915 (limited to 10).  Good luck. Discuss Jeremy Geddes here.

Teaser: Jeremy Geddes @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

As we mentioned first all the way back in 2010, Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) will be introducing a new body of work at his highly anticipated solo at Jonathan LeVine later this year. The first glimpse of this New York showing is this final Cluster painting from the Melbourne-based artist, which also sounds like it might be released as a print at some point. Discuss Jeremy Geddes here.

Update: Jeremy Geddes – “Warmer Air” Print

For those waiting for the release of the print of what may be Jeremy Geddes’ (interviewed) last painting from the Cosmonaut series, it’s now available here with specially designed frames here. Entitled Warmer Air, the approximately 14 x 22 inch timed release will be sold ($118) to all who put in an order until 1 am PST. With his increasing popularity leading up to his show next year with Jonathan LeVine, this method of sales will give all his fans a fair chance to own […]

Releases: Jeremy Geddes – “Warmer Air” Print

In what may tragically be the last Cosmonaut series work ever, at least according to the Australian artist himself, Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) has just completed a highly detailed, yet surprisingly small (14.5″ x 22.8″) painting, entitled Warmer Air. While perhaps not as intricate or refined as his larger works, the “small and fast” painting has some of the finest brushwork ever by Jem’s own standards. The painting blends his affinity for cinematic-esque compositions, with a deft sense of lighting, meticulously rendered architectural landmarks, and an […]

Update / Releases: Jeremy Geddes – “A Perfect Vacuum”

Contemporary artist Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) has yet again blown the minds of his fans with the revealing of a recently completed painting. As was the case with his cosmonaut piece included in the Hi-Fructose Group Invitational earlier this year, this is nothing new for the Australian-based artist, who’s mastery of oil paints, attention to detail, and dramatic compositions are truly a sight to behold. The new work, entitled A Perfect Vacuum, departs from Geddes’ much loved cosmonaut series, instead taking a page out of his […]

Preview: “The Hi Fructose Group Invitational” @ Roq La Rue

Besides the stunning new piece from Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) that we teased you with several weeks back, The Hi Fructose Group Invitational at Roq La Rue also includes some compelling works from the other artists in the show. Hi-Fructose certainly has an almost unlimited list of talent to draw from and we think you will be happy with the selections come March 11th when the show opens in Seattle. Take a look some preview images from the stellar lineup after the jump…