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Openings: Kevin Cyr and Jessica Hess – “Temporal Surfaces” @ White Walls

Opening alongside Aaron Nagel’s Marks at the Shooting Gallery was Kevin Cyr and Jessica Hess‘ “Temporal Surfaces” at the adjoining White Walls gallery. Cleverly curated by Lainya Maganya, “Temporal Surfaces” brings together two documentarists of the bleak urban and industrial landscape. Jessica Hess’ calming oil-based renditions of derelict billboards and abandoned railway cars accurately captures the temporal and transitional movement of light across these surfaces while invigorating life and beauty into otherwise drab and dreary locales. Kevin Cyr’s (studio visit and interview) seemingly case study-like […]

Preview: “Hi Fructose 5th Anniversary Show” @ Copro Gallery

It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years since one of our favorite magazines released their first issue. Just like Jonathan LeVine Gallery last month (covered), Hi-Fructose is celebrating their five year anniversary with a group show with artists that have been featured in their publication since the very beginning. With so many great artists included, there are bound to be some great pieces like the piece above from Mia (interviewed). The show opens on Saturday, March 13th at Copro Gallery. Full list of […]

Interviews / Preview: Kevin Cyr – “Temporal Surfaces” @ White Walls Gallery

AM was recently able to bring you a little insight from Kevin Cyr via our studio visit as he prepared for his latest show, “Temporal Surfaces” alongside Jessica Hess at San Francisco’s White Walls Gallery. We followed up our glimpse into Kevin’s work with an interview and some preview images from the show, which opens this weekend. Read on for our interview and more images after the jump.

Studio Visits: Kevin Cyr

We recently stopped by Kevin Cyr’s Brooklyn studio to check out his latest body of work slated for his two-person show with Jessica Hess entitled “Temporal Spaces,” which was curated by Lainya Magana and opens at San Francisco’s White Walls March 6. Stepping into the space, we were amazed to see how productive Cyr has been since his last show at NYC’s Raandesk Gallery in January (covered). Covering floor to ceiling of one of his studio’s huge walls was a mosiac of detailed paintings – […]

Openings: Kevin Cyr & Jason Bryant – “Behind the Curtain” @ Raandesk Gallery

AM visited the Raandesk Gallery for the opening of a great show featuring two talented emerging artists, Kevin Cyr and Jason Bryant (previewed). Until recently, both worked as studio assistants for art star Kehinde Wiley, so it’s no surprise that they each have serious technical painting chops. Cyr, just selected as one of 10 winners of the 2010 West Prize, takes damaged and vandalized trucks and vans from the streets of NYC and depicts them realistically on a solid field of color – the isolation […]

Preview: Kevin Cyr & Jason Bryant – “Behind the Curtain” @ Raandesk Gallery

We’ve been following the work of Brooklyn artist Kevin Cyr for a little while now and we were excited to hear that he has a new body of work appearing at Raandesk Gallery of Art in New York. “Behind the Curtain” also features Jason Bryant, whom Cyr met whilst they were both working as assistants for Kehinde Wiley. Sounds like both artists will be producing large scale oil paintings for the show – Cyr’s on wooden panels and Bryant’s on canvas. Cyr’s mark making depicts […]