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Showing: D*Face – ‘New World Disorder’ @ StolenSpace

D*Face has been a leading light of London’s street art scene for more than a decade and was a key member of the Finders Keepers crew that really kicked off the Shoreditch street art activity.  On occasion of his first solo London show in 5 years – New World Disorder – it is fitting to mark a seismic transition as D*Face, the Stolen Space Gallery, and all D*Face’s well-known space sharing cohorts up sticks to pastures new and as yet unannounced. Outside the gallery the visual puns […]

Preview: D*Face – “New World Disorder” @ StolenSpace

D*Face (interviewed) is putting the finishing touches to his fast approaching show at Stolenspace this week. New World Disorder will feature a series of all-new work, with an emphasis on consumer and social issues, from the pop culture jammer. Our friend Ian Cox visited D’s studio recently and caught the artist in the final throes of preparation of work for the show. The exhibition looks like a strong body of work and further development of some of the themes and items that we’ve seen him using recently, such […]

Showing: “Painting in the 2.5th Dimension” @ The Zabludowicz Collection (London)

Currently showing in London at the Zabludowicz Collection is an exhibition, Painting in the 2.5th Dimension, for those who are interested in learning more about artists who explore the expanded territory beyond that of traditional two-dimensional painting. Drawing from the collection of the namesakes of the space – Poju and Anita Zabludowicz – the showing features work from a select group of artists from the US – Tauba Auerbach, Jessica Dickinson, Sam Falls, Alex Hubbard, Nathan Hylden, Rosy Keyser, Michael E. Smith and Ned Vena. […]

Upcoming: Jonathan Yeo @ National Portrait Gallery (London)

Despite his recent work playing with themes of beauty and cosmetic surgery as well as his porn-infused collages, Jonathan Yeo was first known for his contemporary portraiture. On this front, the British artist will be revealing new works for a major showing in September at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The subjects of these paintings include a diverse group of well-known figures including Michael Parkinson, Grayson Perry, Sienna Miller, Rupert Murdoch, and Kevin Spacey, seen above in the guise of Richard III. The artist said of the painting: […]

Showing: ‘Take to the Streets’ @ Fun Factory

Take to the Streets is a street art photography group exhibition featuring Alex Ellison, Cheff031, Delete08, Doug Sherman, HowAboutNo, Ian Cox, Joeppo, Mark Rigney, Myriam JC Preston, NoLionsInEngland, and Unusualimage.  Many of the names of this committed bunch of snappers will be familiar to followers of the UK graffiti and street art scenes though their dedication to capturing the latest and greatest hitting the streets of London. Regular readers of AM will note that we have featured the work of many of the group over the years too, […]

Streets / Contests: Dal East (London) – Part II

Last week, we gave you a glimpse of what DAL has been up to in London with a look at one of the murals he has been working on. Turns out there was a total of seven walls ranging from small to massive that the South Africa-based muralist blessed with his signature kinetic imagery. Check out all the photos below, and if interested, DAL has launched a contest for those lucky enough to be in London Town. Contestants are asked to find and snap a pic of each […]

Showing: Kai & Sunny – ‘Migration South’ @ Southbank Centre

UK duo Kai & Sunny have taken a huge leap with their latest exhibition Migration South set to launch on Thursday 23rd May at the revered UK arts venue, the Southbank Centre. The pair walk a well versed path with their feet bridging the gap between the fine art and design worlds with their unique take on forms found within nature, and this specially commissioned installation serves as somewhat of a retrospective of their works to date. The exhibition launches with an artist talk on the 23rd […]

Streets: Dal East (London)

South Africa-based DAL and his wife Faith47 have been busy painting murals nonstop since they arrived in London several weeks ago. Our photographer on scene, Butterfly, caught up with the prolific artist as he worked on one of his walls near Brick Lane. This new piece features two large beasts fighting it out, rendered in his signature kinetic style. Check out some more in-progress photos below… Photo credit: Butterfly. Discuss DAL here.

Streets: Zezão for The Canals Project (London)

Local and international street artists have been invited by The Legacy List recently to create public works along along East London canals. The  roster includes artists Mark Lyken (Scotland), Teo Moneyless (Italy),  Zezão (Brazil), Remed (Spain),  Ekta Ekta (Sweden), and Interesni Kazki (Ukraine). Curated by Cedar Levisham, the artworks will be installed during summer 2013 and should reflect the location and history of the canals in a variety of innovative ways. Take a look at what  Zezão painted below and read more about The Canals Project. Pics by Butterfly.

Upcoming: The London Police – “It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt” @ StolenSpace

On May 10th, the new exhibition from The London Police will open to the public at StolenSpace in London. It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt will be a homecoming of sorts for the lads and it will be their first solo show in England since 2009. The pieces this time around are themed on sports and games with their famous characters as well as themselves no doubt inserted in urban landscapes. Head over for a look at Bob and Chaz’ incredible linework […]