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Showing: Dan Witz – “Prisoners 2012 – 2013” @ Lazarides (Rathbone)

Late last month, the Lazarides’ Rathbone Place in London hosted Dan Witz’s solo debut with the gallery with a show entitled Prisoners 2012 – 2013. As the title suggests, the new body of work was mainly focused on a series where the NY-based artist partnered with Amnesty International, the world’s largest human rights organization, to create works featuring individuals who are subjects of their campaign for rights awareness. These combined with the lighting in the space made for a dramatic setting. These paintings were joined by some […]

Showing: Conor Harrington – “A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win” @ The Outsiders (London)

Last weekend, The Outsiders in London hosted the opening for Conor Harrington’s (interviewed) latest solo show. Entitled A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win, the new body of work featured mostly a series of studies that the UK-based painter labels his “morning glories” and which he uses to prepare for his large scale paintings (like the ones he did for a showing in 2012). Included in the mix were several larger pieces and as a whole, this exhibition showed off Harrington’s deft balance between the abstract and realism […]

Kai & Sunny for Southbank Centre

London’s art lovers will be getting a healthy dose of Kai & Sunny soon as the Southbank Centre has commissioned the two to design imagery for their their membership pack, posters, press and all other media (set to run two years). The artistic complex consists of three main buildings (the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and the Hayward Gallery), and is Europe’s largest center for the arts so it will certainly be a high profile showcase for the duo’s abstracted birds (which will also be seen on an outdoor billboard). Via […]

Upcoming: Conor Harrington – “A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win” @ The Outsiders (London)

On February 1st, Conor Harrington (interviewed) will be returning to London for another showing, this time at The Outsiders. A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win will feature some of the studies that he has been sharing photos of with his fans for quite some time now, in particular the ones he did leading up to a painting of the same name for a showing in 2012. The UK-based artist calls these his Morning Glories as he paints them daily, first thing upon arrival at his […]

Upcoming: José Parlá – “Broken Language” @ Haunch of Venison

It seems that it’s been over four years since José Parlá has been able to commune with his UK fans in London (covered here) at a solo showing. Come February 1st, this will be rectified with his exhibition entitled Broken Language, held at a new gallery – Haunch of Venison. Presenting new paintings, works on paper, photographs and sculptures filled with rich urban textures and his characteristic script. He states: “For most of my life I have experienced being in transition and migration. This feeling allows me to bring […]

Streets: Phlegm (London)

It seems the Sheffiled-based Phlegm has headed south again to London for another mural. This newest piece is on the Village Underground wall on Holywell Lane and features some of the long legged creatures he has been painting as of late (see here), as well as one of his classic characters catching a ride. He has also been hard at work on a book that hopefully will be released soon. See some updates here, here, here, and here. Photo credit: Claudelondon. Discuss Phlegm here.

Upcoming: Dan Witz – “Prisoners 2012 – 2013” @ Lazarides (Rathbone)

On January 25th, Dan Witz will be making his solo debut with Lazarides at their Rathbone gallery in London. The multi-talented painter and street artist will be sharing paintings from his Prisoner and Mosh Pit series as well as plans to paint one of his prisoner’s images onto London phone boxes. Fans of the NY-based artist will be familiar with his renderings of the frenetic and crowded environment in mosh pits (most recently seen at a New York showing in 2011), but the Prisoner series might be less familiar. Witz partnered […]

Previews: Lucas Price – ‘T.E.A.M. Atlas’ @ Rove Gallery

Expect more pleasant surprises from Lucas Price as his latest body of work is about to be revealed in solo show T.E.A.M. Atlas (an acronym for The Earth As My Atlas). Lucas continues his exploration of cataloguing ephemera within his work, but this time it appears that the work is all rendered or drawn rather than collaged. Rove Gallery in Hoxton Square play host to this latest collection of works comprised of new oil paintings and carbon / graphite drawings. Lucas sent us some images of the […]

Showing: Vhils – “Devoid” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Vhils has certainly come along way since his days with a chipping hammer next to a Banksy in the Cans Festival of 2008. This is a perfect example of an artist being catapulted onto the main stage for all the right reasons. In recent years, he has had solo shows around the globe including – China, Paris, Brazil, and most recently back in his home away from home at Lazarides in London. There is one thing we can always count on from this young artist, […]

Upcoming / Streets: Vhils – “Devoid” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

With the general opening set for November 29th, Lazarides (Rathbone Place) is ready to present Vhils’ (filmed) first solo with the gallery in over three years. Devoid will be the Portuguese artist’s most comprehensive show to date and feature work that examines the relationship between the individual and the overwhelming force of urban environments, sourcing much of his materials from derelict spaces in the city. Many of the new pieces will reference projects the forceful street agent completed in 2012 in places like Shanghai, Paris, the favelas of Rio and […]