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Openings: “Wider than a postcard” & olive47 – “bonita bonita” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Breeze Block Gallery opened their huge group show Wider than a postcard (previewed) alongside the first solo show in their new gallery 2 space – olive47’s bonita bonita (featured) a couple of weeks back to a packed Portland crowd. Over 400 individual works went into the postcard show with 200 artists providing postcard sized works. The work was hung on the walls in grids of 24 cards, each echoing the aspect ratio of the individual works themselves as each work was 6×4 inches. The variance of work encompassed photography […]

Previews: “Wider than a postcard” @ Breeze Block Gallery

On the back of his Space//Form group exhibition last year (covered), Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis is working with Breeze Block Gallery in Portland again on another huge group event entitled Wider than a postcard. With over 200 artists and 400 individual works, this exhibition looks to be both bigger than the previous event and also smaller at the same time as all of the artworks are postcard sized at 6×4 inches. Each artist is either making work on a found / owned postcard and adapting / adding […]

Showing: Mark Dean Veca – “Made For You And Me” @ Cristin Tierney

Last month, Mark Dean Veca (featured) opened a new solo show at the Cristin Tierney Gallery entitled Made For You And Me. The mostly new series of paintings explore the LA-based artist’s interpretation of the collapse of the “American Dream” and the corruption of ideals in this country, seen through the lens of his re-imagining of pop culture. Included are images of the monopoly man, riffs on the American flag, a hanging pegasus Mobil logo, and more – all rendered with Dean Veca’s modernized “Toile de Jouy” technique. Take a look at […]

Upcoming: Mark Dean Veca – “Made For You And Me” @ Cristin Tierney

Later this month, Mark Dean Veca (featured) will be opening his big solo in New York at the Cristin Tierney Gallery. The LA-based artist has been concentrating on side projects as of late such as his installation for the Space//Form show and a wall mural at the San Jose Museum of Art, so it will be nice to see a new comprehensive body of work from him. Expect more interpretations of pop culture with his modernized “Toile de Jouy” techniques like in the teaser image above. The […]

Rewind: Nov 19 – Nov 25

This week’s edition of Rewind sees an interview with KAWS from Art Info with plenty of footage from his studio in New York. The video was recorded prior to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade where his Campanion balloon joined the festivities (covered) and his current show at Galerie Perrotin in Paris (covered). He covers both subjects as well as some other topics in the video seen below… Other notable videos of the week include: The movie Parker is running a contest until November 30th featuring the […]

Preview: Mark Dean Veca – “Raging Opulence” @ San Jose Museum of Art

For those who enjoyed Mark Dean Veca’s (interviewed) installation and paintings for the Space//Form show (covered), you may want to head over on Saturday (September 29) to check the opening of his latest project at the San Jose Museum of Art – Raging Opulence. Composed of a psychedelic mix of fiery reds and oranges in a Toile de Jouy meets pop culture aesthetic, this fourth fourth and final chapter in the Phantasmagoria saga is entitled Son of Phantasmagoria. Follow updates of the mural on MDV’s new process blog here. Discuss Mark Dean Veca […]

Openings: “Live Free” curated by Mike Maxwell @ Hellion Gallery

Opening on the same night as Space//Form in Portland, artist Mike Maxwell (pictured on the right above with Jocelyn Duke, Mark Dean Veca and Hellion owner Matt Wagner) curated a group exhibition at Hellion Gallery. Taking the exhibition’s title Live Free from the regular series of podcast interviews with fellow artists and creatives, and also his own ethos on life (see Mike’s tattooed knuckles in one of our pictures below), Maxwell brought together a selection of artists he has interviewed over time. With the podcast […]

Openings: “Space//Form” @ Breeze Block Gallery (Part 2)

Following directly on from Part 1 of our coverage of the busy Space//Form opening, AM now delves a little deeper pictorially into the artwork created for this huge group exhibition of 110 artists with a series of pictures where the art is more viewable (like the Mark Dean Veca installation above). To recap, all of the participating artists were given an identical 10×10 inch cradled timber panel by exhibition sponsor Ampersand as the medium to work on. The exhibition curator, Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis chose a brief […]

Openings: “Space//Form” @ Breeze Block Gallery (Part 1)

(above – Mark Dean Veca, Sven Davis, Paige Prendergast & Michael Murphy)After months of planning and panel wrangling, the Space//Form group exhibition at Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery opened last week. The group show features 110 artists, each making work thematically linked to Architecture and the environment on a 10×10 inch wooden panel provided by Ampersand – the principal sponsor of the exhibit. Curated by Arrested Motion‘s Sven Davis, each of the paintings was hung in a controlled grid, with the paintings placed randomly as they were unpacked. Installations by […]

Preview: “Space//Form” Group Exhibition @ Breeze Block Gallery

As the opening of the Space//Form group exhibition draws ever nearer, and following on from our studio view, AM brings you a glimpse of some of the work in this huge show. Over 100 artists are participating in the exhibit, which opens on 6th September at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland. The artists were each given the same brief and the same materials to work with and asked to explore and represent their interpretation of space and form within either the natural or built environment. Each piece of […]