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Preview / Interviews: Roland Tamayo – “Whispers” @ G 1988 (SF)

Los Angeles-based artist and AM friend Roland Tamayo is set to open his part of a four-person show at Gallery 1988 in SF this Friday night, February 5th (7-10pm). The show entitled “Whispers” will also include Tin (interviewed), Kendra Binney, and May Ann Licudine. We took some time to talk with Roland to learn more about him and this new body of work. He tells us that he finds beauty in both nature and in what man can create leading to a juxtaposition of both […]

Interviews: Colin & Sas Christian

As mentioned in our preview (here & here), Colin & Sas Christian are set to open their show “Inner Space” this week at the Opera Gallery in London. Opening on February 4th, the show will feature Colin’s signature large scale anime-inspired sculptures and Sas’ paintings of luminous and iconic doe-eyed femme fatales as the US-based husband and wife duo return to their home country. Although they work in different mediums, one can see their work shares a common thread through their experiences together, as well […]

Interviews: Jeremy Geddes

We weren’t all too familiar with Jeremy Geddes’ work when we planned our coverage of the HK Venture show where Ashley Wood was the main draw for us. Seeing Geddes’ amazing visuals was definitely an eye-opener for us, so much so that we dedicated another article focusing in on his “cosmonaut” series of paintings. We caught up recently with the Melbourne-based artist for a question and answer session to learn more about him and his work. Full interview after the jump…

Studio Visits: Mike Shine

AM had the honor this past weekend of visiting Mike Shine‘s historic “surf shack” as the artist was preparing for his latest installation, opening today at SFMoMA. Nestled away in the heart of Bolinas, Mike Shine has created for himself the ideal Nordic retreat, the perfect getaway for him and his family of artists. Purchased six years ago, the surf shack has become an institution in and of itself. With recreations built for the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, Mollusk Surf Shop, White Walls, […]

Preview: Basel Week Miami ’09 – Joshua Liner Gallery @ SCOPE

For this year’s Art Basel, Joshua Liner will be bringing art from a diverse group of artists including Cleon Peterson, David Kassan, Evan Hecox, James Roper, Kris Kuksi, Shawn Barber, Tiffany Bozic, Tomokazu Matsuyama (interviewed), Tony Curanaj, Travis Louie (interviewed), and Dave Kinsey (look at the fantastic piece above). If you have ever been to the Miami fairs in years past, you’ll know that Josh always puts on a good show.  He’ll be at SCOPE this year so make sure you stop by to see […]

Studio Visit: Jason Vivona

Last week, AM visited the studio of Jason Vivona as he was preparing for his first San Francisco solo show opening today at Gallery Six.  If you’re not aware, Gallery Six is the pet project of Jillian Mackintosh, whom you may recognize from White Walls, the Shooting Gallery and Juxtapoz. For the last few months, Jillian has been using Gallery Six as a launching pad for some of the west coast’s most exciting up-and-coming artists.  Jason Vivona, who recently moved to the Bay Area from […]

Studio Visits: Jeremy Fish

The other day, AM had the pleasure of visiting the North Beach, San Francisco studio of Jeremy Fish as he was putting the final touches on his upcoming museum show, “Weathering the Storm.” Fish, whose instantly recognizable illustrations and paintings are a veritable ark of silly pink bunnies, a parliament of strigiformes and a cable car crammed with weathered prospectors, has been working around the clock for the better part of the last four months creating an entirely new body of work for his first […]

Studio Visits: Yoskay Yamamoto

We stopped by recently to visit with Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) and to take a look at some of the pieces he’s been working for the “Go East” pop up show (Nov. 5-7, 1-6pm) this week in New York. Combine the images here with what you saw him working on during the “Reverse Studio Visit” at Baby Tattooville and you will get a pretty good idea of what to expect from the show which also includes Tessar Lo, Edwin Ushiro, Joao Ruas, Eric Fortune (interviewed), Mia […]

Studio Visits: Greg Simkins

With Greg Simkins’ “The Pearl Thief” exhibition opening next Tuesday at Gallery1988, we thought we’d visit Greg and see how things were wrapping up. Professional, organized, and family oriented – those are the first things that come to mind when first stepping into Greg’s studio. These same themes continue throughout the rest of the studio’s rooms. Greg was finishing up one of his last paintings for the upcoming show when we dropped by, but took a little break to give us a tour. In addition […]

Interviews: Eric Nakamura – “Giant Robot Biennale” @ the Japanese American National Museum

The “Giant Robot Biennale – 15 Years” exhibition is set to open tomorrow at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) in the heart of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. We are looking forward to seeing what looks to be a fantastic show with artists such as David Choe, Jeff Soto (interviewed), James Jean (interviewed), Souther Salazar, kozyndan, Rob Sato, Jack Long and many more. Also, we had the opportunity to talk with the man behind it all – Eric Nakamura, one of the founders of […]