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Showing: Aron Wiesenfeld @ Arcadia Gallery

Earlier this month in New York, painter and illustrator Aron Wiesenfeld presented a new body of work at the Arcadia Gallery, site of his last solo in 2011 (covered). Featuring a series of intense new paintings, the cinematic imagery explored gives us a glimpse into Wiesenfeld’s desolate world and brooding environments. One can’t help but be drawn to the emotions and tensions that are evident when seeing his work up close. Stop by and see for yourself before the show close on November 24th. Discuss this show here. Discuss […]

Openings: Ron English – “Crucial Fiction” @ Opera Gallery (New York)

The master of “Popaganda” has been a busy man lately. After an epic four story mural in Manhattan, Ron English (featured) unveiled a fresh body of works at New York’s Opera Gallery entitled Crucial Fiction. This new series took a shot at the commercialization of our pop culture and  it was great to see Ron working his incredible mix of wit and painting technique as no topic was held sacred. From Captain Crunch & Mickey Mouse to the Rolling Stones & The Incredible Hulk, Mr. English had ideas of […]

Doktor A – “Postcard from New Yorkshire” @ MPH

From his beginnings as one of the most highly sought after art toy customizers out there, the UK-based Doktor A has progressed to producing his own sculptural creations, which was only natural if anyone has ever seen his work. For his recent showing in New York at My Plastic Heart, entitled Postcard from New Yorkshire, his full talents were on display with figures created in his robotic steampunk aesthetic with a fine attention to detail.  More photos below… Discuss Doktor A here.

Openings: Tiffany Bozic – “Transformation” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

If you have never seen the work of Tiffany Bozic in person, then there is no better time than the present. Her solo show Transformation sprawled through-out the Joshua Liner Gallery this past month and will run through December 1st. Tiffany has devoted her young life nerding out on the intricacies of nature. Not just on a recreational level, but scientifically as well, no doubt drawing inspiration from her specimen studies at the the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco where she now resides. Given the […]

Preview: Nicoletta Ceccoli – “Eye Candy” @ AFA NYC

San Marino-based painter Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed) will be presenting all new works tomorrow night (November 17th) at AFA NYC. Entitled Eye Candy, the collection of paintings on display will focus on the interplay between bitterness and sweetness. Desserts, whether cakes or candy, are generally regarded as positive, happy things, but although depicted by Ceccoli’s delicate hand and rendered in pastels, there are also ways they can cause conflict in us as we fight our appetite and all the ills that come from over indulgence. This more […]

Streets: How & Nosm on Bowery & Houston (Part II)

Right after super storm Sandy rolled through NYC, we brought you an inside look at the famous Bowery & Houston wall as twins How & Nosm worked industriously to make their mark on this landmark mural location. Now, we can bring you some photos of the completed piece which utilized their signature red & gray-scale color palettes. From the looks of things, the brothers got into a real nice groove layering detail upon detail into mural, which in the end seemed to flow together seamlessly. Along with […]

Preview: Melodie Provenzano – “Rock Center” @ Lyons Wier Gallery

Currently on view at the Lyons Wier Gallery (with the opening earlier tonight), Rock Center is an all new show from the New York-based Melodie Provenzano. Inspired by objects such as figurines, glassware, bows, and plastic toy animals, Provenzano arranges them into whimsical “mock dramas” until the composition elicits the right emotional tone. She states “My paintings are like a catalog of dreams. The composition makes sense to me visually and emotionally without a clearly defined concept to be illustrated. Their meaning is often not […]

Ian Kuali’i – “Messenger” @ JuiceTank

Next up on the mural creation project at start-up incubator JuiceTank is Hawaiian native Ian Kuali’i. The NYC-based artist has long served as Doze Green’s assistant and has really come into his own in the past few years. Utilizing a diverse mix of skill-sets such as intricate hand cut paper, acrylics and aerosols, Ian has consistently created intriguing mixed media artwork. Integrating the themes of the Juice Tank creative space, Ian gave his modern take on communication & technology with twin deities representing gods Mercury and […]

Streets: How & Nosm on Bowery & Houston

It’s been a rough few weeks for New York City as Hurricane Sandy came up and took the city hostage as it wreaked havoc with flooding, blackouts and gas shortages. On Friday, twin brothers How & Nosm took the tall task of being the next artists invited to work on the iconic Bowery & Houston wall. Following up behind Aiko’s recent effort (covered), the twins braved the elements to join the ranks of notable peers such as RETNA, Kenny Scharf, Barry McGee, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, JR, Keith Haring, and […]

Openings: GILF! @ Galerie Swanström

Last week, AM attended GILF!’s (featured) solo exhibition at SOHO’s Galerie Swanström. The witty Brooklyn-based artist showcased a new series of urban artworks that dealt directly at the challenges facing contemporary societies and politics. Not pulling punches, GILF confronted issues such as healthcare, birth control, politicians and environmental concerns. Her stencils and comments were a hit with all that were in attendance. Check out a detailed look below….