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Releases: Slinkachu – “The High Life”

The last time we saw Slinkachu, he was busy in a Grottaglie alleyway creating his largest work yet for the FAME Festival (covered).  Well, looks like the photographer/street artist is back with a new release which he also created in Italy, this time the installation “was placed near the local fly-tipping area and dog pound – the high life indeed!”  This latest print is available in either small or large formats, through Studiocromie and Andipa Gallery respectively. More detail and location shots after the jump.

Releases: Jeff Soto – “The Three Friends” and “Nature’s Splendor”

Next Monday, Oct. 26th will be a good day for Jeff Soto fans as the Inland Empire artist will be releasing a total of four new giclee prints through his online store, Potato Stamp.  The first three, appropriately entitled “The Three Friends”, come as a set and recreate three of the watercolor pieces he showed RVCA’s “Whammy!” show (covered).  The set will sell for $120 with all three prints measuring in at 10″ X 10,” edition of 100. The second release, “Nature’s Splendor”, is a […]

Elbow-Toe Etsy Store

Elbow-Toe (interviewed), whose recent work we featured recently, has opened up a webstore on Etsy. So far, he’s put up some hand-pulled silkscreens up for sale for a very reasonable $30 each (edition of 30). If you are thinking of buying some, hurry, as they are selling fast. See the other prints after the jump…

Releases: kozyndan – “Spring in Nakano” for Giant Robot Biennale 2 @ Japanese American National Museum

Famous for their panoramics, kozyndan created one just for the Giant Robot Biennalle (teased) opening next weekend at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM).  Entitled “Nakano in Spring,” the piece will be released as a print (limited to 1200) sized approximately at 39″ x 8,” each is signed and numbered.  Take a look at this nice 360 degree QuickTimeVR that they created of the image. Pics of the entire panoramic plus detailed views after the jump…

Releases: Nick Walker – Moscow TMA print

Remember when we told you about the Nick Walker (interviewed) TMA – “The Empire’s State” release in January?  Looks like another TMA (The Morning After) print may be available soon, this time Moscow.  Believed to be possibly the last image to be released in this series, Nick has also posted a mysterious countdown timer on his site (28 days left as of now).  Countdown to the print release, to a new show?  Stay tuned… Discuss Nick Walker here.

Semi-Permanent Melbourne ’09: Jeff Soto & Tara McPherson

Here you see Jeff Soto (interviewed) doing his best Shepard Fairey imitation, but what he is really doing is asking all of you to register and attend Semi-Permanent in Melbourne next week where he and Tara McPherson will be speaking. Fresh off a weekend at Baby Tattooville, they will be flying out very soon to the design event as well as making a stop at the Outre Gallery on October 11th at 2 pm. Jeff will be releasing a print there (seen after the jump) […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Opening Reception

Following last night’s late sketch, swap and sketch again session, AM and the participating artists reconvened for the official commencement of Baby Tattooville 2009.  Much like last year’s Shag badge (covered), this years attendees were greeted with a special name tag/art print by none other Greg “Craola” Simkins.  In addition to this signed and numbered mini print, Baby Tattooville debuted this year’s “X in one” print, a complimentary, limited edition giclee featuring the art of all participating BT artists.  Check out the goody, print and […]

Behind the Scenes: The Date Farmers – “Medicine Crow” Print

We recently saw some behind the scenes photos of the making of The Date Farmers’ newest print “Medicine Crow” from Modern Multiples. If the image looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you saw it at their most recent exhibition, “Strange Fruit,” currently showing at FIFTY24SF. Sounds like there are three colorways so far – “Watermelon,” “Cotton Candy” and “Southwest.” Take a look at the photo set after the jump.

Releases: David Choe – “Death Blossom” Print

Remember that show-stopper piece that David Choe painted in April for his solo show in China (covered)?  Apparently, he has decided to release a print of of the stunning “Death Blossom.”  It looks like this limited edition will be available for that Giant Robot Biennale 2 show at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) next month that we told you about. To get an idea of how large that original painting was, take a look at Choe next it as well as check out his […]

Releases: Clayton Brothers – “Caught Being Good” Book & “Floret” Print Set

We’ve received some pretty interesting news from the Clayton Brothers, who recently had a show at Patrick Painter (covered) – a limited edition release that includes both a publication “Caught Being Good” and a hand finished giclee entitled “Floret” all enclosed in a slick Lucite box. Check out all the details here as well as take a look at some additional pics after the jump…