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Basel Week Miami ’10 – Kris Kuksi @ Joshua Liner Gallery

When it comes to artwork that stops you dead in your tracks and forces you to take a closer look, there are few artists that embody this show-stopping quality quite like Kris Kuski. Exhibiting with Joshua Liner Gallery at SCOPE Miami (teased), the Kansas based artist’s mixed-media assemblages seem to magnetically draw the viewer in close, acutely heightening their levels of perception in an attempt to catch every last nuanced detail. Utilizing a range of materials sourced in a near endless quest, Kris constructs his […]

Releases: David Choe – “Tokyo Girl”

Although David Choe’s (featured) is currently in Miami, he’s found time to release the remaining “Tokyo Girl” prints from his recent Secret Studio show in Japan. The 17 x 17 inch print, inspired by “half-Japanese women and Shibuya,” is in a edition of 76 (priced at $250) and will be available today at noon pacific time at Trapeze Editions. For those looking for something a little more limited (run of 5), a larger 44 x 44 inch version will up for grabs for $808 as […]

Releases: SABER – “Art Work Rebels Flag”

For those fans who have been waiting a while for this, you will be happy to know that AM friend SABER (interviewed) has just announced the imminent release of his “Art Work Rebels Flag” limited edition scheduled for Tuesday, December 7th at 10:00 am PST (most likely on Printed by Modern Multiples, the beautiful serigraph features 10 colors, is sized at 31 x 39 inches, with a full edition of 120 (80 signed and numbered Red, White, and Blue – $300, 15 signed and […]

Releases: Mark Ryden “YHWH” Black & White Vinyl Figure Set

With the release of his regal Snow Yak Print Portfolio (covered) barely in the rear view mirror, Mark Ryden has revealed details for his next release – a set of vinyl toy figures. Over a year ago, the artist unveiled his first vinyl toy, YHWH (covered), in collaboration with Necessaries Toy Foundation. As a follow up to the original Pink figure, a Black and White version will now be released together as a limited-edition set (only 100), elegantly distributed in a gold-embossed box along with […]

Releases: Swoon – “Zahra” Project

Our friends over at Papermonster hipped us to a new release they are working on for tomorrow (Thursday Dec. 2nd) around noon in New York. The “Zahra” project is based on one of Swoon’s (interviewed) most iconic images and will be limited to 31 variants. What makes this special is that each unique piece consists of elements of intricately cut Japanese paper “built” onto a collage of various types of papers, card stock, sketches, fabric and wood scraps. Look to Papermonster for more details tomorrow […]

Setup / Releases: “Marks and Stencils” and Banksy’s “Choose Your Weapon” Print

What do we spy in the window through which the Marks and Stencils show we mentioned previously is being set up? It looks like the rumored new Banksy print Choose Your Weapon (60 cm x 60 cm, £450.00) which will be released later this month and is based on his recent “Keith Haring Dog” stencil. This group show curated by Pictures on Walls at a 1 Berwick Street in Soho looks to be like the Santa’s Ghetto (featuring Dran and other artists) for this year […]

Releases: Craig Damrauer – “Modern Art” Print

Craig Damrauer, who has always entertained us with his “New Math”, has released one of his most beloved images from that series as a print. Entitled “Modern Art”, the piece basically sums up the reaction of some of the art cynics out there with a nice come back. Offered through 20×200, the limited edition is available here at various sizes and pricepoints for those interested.

Releases: Mark Ryden – The Snow Yak Show Print Portfolio (Spectaculum Poefagorum Nivium)

For those Mark Ryden fans out there who have the bankroll, Porterhouse will be releasing a beautiful new print portfolio based on his Snow Yak show. The set will include all 10 images (eight paintings and two drawings) from the exhibition held in Japan in 2009 at the Tomio Koyama Gallery, come in an edition of 50, and cost you $4750. Each 13-7/8″ x 10-7/8″ print is numbered and hand-signed by the Ryden and will be released this Wednesday, November 24 at 8:00 a.m. PST […]

Releases / Giveaway: Paul Insect – ‘Unclear Residents’ Folio @ Pictures on Walls

AM stopped by Paul Insect’s folio release event at Pictures on Walls last week to take a look at the ‘Unclear Residents‘ set. The evening presented a series of Paul’s screen-printed targets pasted about the walls, along with the selection of prints and a huge bank of page-spreads from the two limited zines available in the hand-made folio. At the time of writing, the edition of 80 sets seems to be close to sold out, with just 3 sets remaining. The scrapbook ‘Beat the Devils‘ and the […]

Releases / Contests: Win a set of Hush prints

AM just recently brought you an update from Hush’s studio as he prepares for his solo exhibition ‘Found’ in New York. As part of the run up to his show, he is releasing a slew of hand finished print editions, both here in the UK and in New York at the exhibition itself. What’s more, Hush is running a pretty huge giveaway on his site this week where you can win a full set of the editions pictured above. Check out the all the details […]