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Openings: “Holiday Pop Up” by Modern Multiples @ Known Gallery

This past Saturday, the Known Gallery teamed up with Modern Multiples, a LA-based print studio and one of the powerhouses in this industry, for one a one week pop-up show in which an incredible collection of prints were on display and available for purchase just in time for the holidays. The list of artists included in this very special event seems almost endless but some of the names included were Chaz Bojorquez, RETNA, Shepard Fairey, Patrick Martinez, Eriberto and Estevan Oriol, Gajin Fujita, Revok, Saber […]

Openings: Revok – “Triumph and Tragedy” @ Vicious Gallery

Just a few days ago, REVOK, famed graffiti artist and one of the key members of the The 7th Letter crew, opened up his first ever solo show at Vicious Gallery in Hamburg, Germany. Titled Triumph and Tragedy, this exhibit builds on the recent turn in REVOK’s repertoire in which he utilizes found objects gathered from the deserted and forgotten landscapes of Detroit – first seen in a group show at L.A.’s Known Gallery (covered). This technique leads to great texture on every one of his […]

Teaser / Video: REVOK – “Triumph & Tragedy” @ Vicious Gallery

Coming up in December, REVOK will be bringing a new body of work he is preparing in Detroit for a show in Germany at Vicious Gallery. While in the motor city, the graffiti artist scoured the abandoned, derilict, and burned out shells of homes and building (including an old police station) for materials. These old signs, walls, parts of furniture, and more were fashioned into wood constructs, like what we saw in a recent LA show, each component rich with history and years of Triumph & […]

Streets: REVOK, RIME, ROIDS, POSE, and OMENS (Chicago)

As you know, REVOK, RIME, and ROID recently opened a fantastic new show Perseverance at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles (covered). The three writers were actually in Detroit prior to the show working on the paintings and incubating ideas. Apparently, they also found time to make a pit stop in Chicago to paint this wall before heading to California. POSE (who collaborated on a couple pieces with Revok for the show) and OMENS also worked on this mural with the trio together. Closer looks […]

Openings: REVOK, RIME, and ROID – “Perseverance” @ Known Gallery

This past weekend, the Known Gallery unveiled the exhibition titled Perseverance featuring the works of REVOK, RIME, and ROID. As it had been documented, the trio had been spending time in Detroit in preparation for this show and the final pit stop in Los Angeles was nothing less than impressive. As soon as one entered the gallery space, it was clear that each artist brought their best effort to the table. Rime’s style continues to evolve as his latest artwork shows his familiar characters and […]

Setup: Revok, Rime, and Roid – “Perseverance” @ Known Gallery

REVOK, RIME, and ROID. Despite growing up and coming of age in different parts of the world (Riverside, Brooklyn, and London respectively), these three influential writers share a deep love for their outlawed art and a passion to stay true to their roots even though life gave them many reasons to give up. Tomorrow night, the Known Gallery will be displaying new work that all three developed together while spending some time in Detroit in the aptly named joint show Perseverance. AM stopped by to […]

Teaser: Revok, Rime, and Roid – “Perseverance” @ Known Gallery

Later this month, Known Gallery will be hosting the first show from Revok since his release from prison and it sounds like the MSK AWR writer will coming back with a vengeance producing one of the largest bodies of work he has ever put together. Not only will there be graf inspired work, but also some of his sublime abstract constructs from found objects that we first saw him throw together in Art Basel Miami last year. Revok will be showing along with his friends […]

Streets: EWOK & Sever (Israel)

Since we last reported on EWOK (coverage of his show at Known Gallery) and Sever (Montana Cans Across America), the two MSK members have join forces while taking a trip to Israel.  Not only did they get up on numerous walls with beautiful complex pieces like the one above, they also took time to leave tributes to the recently freed REVOK – one of them on the Hebron Police Precinct! More after the jump…

Overtime: May 23 – May 29

REVOK gets up while in prison – on the front of the Wall Street Journal & TWBE. According to Deitch, Arts in the Streets “will evolve when it opens next year at Brooklyn Museum.” Graffiti artist Meno caught in the act and arrested in Alaska. An artist profile on Stormie Mills on film. New work from Roa (Chicago), Ludo (Paris), and MOMO (Lisbon). Videos of Roa in SF. The Seventh Letter Crew today in Minnesota. New prints from Todd Schorr, David Choe, and Shepard Fairey. […]

Video: REVOK – “On The Run”

It looks like EIKNARF has been putting together a series of videos on MSK AWR affiliated writers (check out the one on NORM here.) Take a look at the interview above as REVOK talks a little about his beginnings, the origins of Seventh Letter, and the state of graffiti (past and present). As an added bonus, check out some pics of a recent billboard takeover posted to his blog after the jump…