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Video / Preview: Sarah Joncas – “Siren” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Later tonight, Sarah Joncas (interviewed) will be opening her show “Siren” at the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City alongside Dabs Myla. Looking through the new body of work, you really get a sense that Sarah’s vision and technique is beginning to mature and grow. Take a look at a timelapse of the mural she has created for this exhibition in the video above as well as a quick preview of the work. Take a closer look at two of the paintings after the jump…

Teaser: Sarah Joncas – “Siren” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Sarah Joncas (interviewed), whom we last saw in a solo show at Roq La Rue, as been hard at work getting read for her upcoming exhibition in September. The show entitled “Siren” will be at Thinkspace and will also feature Dabs Myla showing concurrently in the project room. We’ll have more for you as the show gets a little closer but for now, take a look at the show card and more studio shots after the jump…

Preview: “The Next Generation” Group Show @ London Miles Gallery

The largely USA based new contemporary art movement continues it’s assault on the UK next week with “The Next Generation” opening Friday June 11th at London Miles Gallery. Curated by Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery director, Andrew Hosner, the exhibition promises new work from 45 artists, all presented in a common format of 12 square inches. Continuing the charge recently begun with “Art from the New World” in Bristol, this time the art comes to heart of the action in London itself. For many of the […]

Preview / Interview: Sarah Joncas – “Shadow Play” @ Roq La Rue Gallery

Canadian artist, Sarah Joncas, is set to open her show “Shadow Play” at Seattle’s Roq La Rue gallery this Friday, February 12th. As the title of her show implies, not only will her paintings include the interplay of “shadow” imagery, “play” also references one of her inspirations – film noir and all that comes along with that genre. The soon-to-be graduated art student talks about this and much more in the interview we conducted with her – after the jump…

Teaser: Sarah Joncas – “Shadow Play” @ Roq La Rue

Canadian artist Sarah Joncas will be opening a show next month (February 12th) in Seattle at the Roq La Rue Gallery. It sounds like her new body of work will deal with the idea of shadows, either imprinted onto the character or created by the character themselves and will be appropriately named “Shadow Play”. She will be showing alongside French artist Ciou – take a look at a show card after the jump…

Openings: Sarah Joncas – “Beneath The Seams” & Kelly Vivanco – “The Conservatory” @ Thinkspace Gallery

AM was on hand at the opening of two great shows at Thinkspace Gallery last week, “Beneath The Seams” from Sarah Joncas and Kelly Vivanco’s “The Conservatory.” Fans thoroughly enjoyed each artists’ unique approach towards their portraiture pieces and they also had a great time chatting with Joncas and Vivanco, both of whom were on hand at the opening. See all the photos and work from the show after the jump…

Preview: Sarah Joncas – “Beneath The Seams” & Kelly Vivanco – “The Conservatory” @ Thinkspace Gallery

AM is excited about the two shows opening tomorrow, June 12th, at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, which include “Beneath The Seams” from Sarah Joncas and in the gallery’s project room, Kelly Vivanco’s “The Conservatory.” We’ve been fans of Sarah’s work ever since she hit the scene a couple of years ago. With a somewhat muted color palette, pieces with dark and moody overtones and her injection of herself in each of her pieces through painting characters resembling her own likeness, Joncas takes a unique […]

Preview: “Looking Glass” @ Basel Miami (2008) – Part I

Andrew from Thinkspace has forwarded us some images for the group show he is organizing entitled “Looking Glass” for the Gen Art Vanguard New Contemporary Art Fair at this years Art Basel week. This is one of the shows Arrested Motion will be covering as we will be blogging live from Miami. Artists participating in this show include Allison Sommers, Andrew Hem, Andy Kehoe, Anthony Pontius, ARMSROCK, Audrey Kawasaki, Brandi Milne, Brian Viveros, Camilla d’Errico, Damon Soule, Dan-ah Kim, David MacDowell, Elbow-Toe, Ekundayo, Esao Andrews, […]

Openings: In Language of Angels @ Ad Hoc

With the DJ spinning and the hipsters of Williamsburg crowded about on Friday night, Ad Hoc Art opened their new show “In Language of Angels”. The six artist show was a nice compliment to the diverse Brooklyn crowd. Seen in the exhibit were: the Manga-esqe Camilla d’Errico, the bold Lisa Alisa, the entrancing Sarah Joncas, the embroidery laced layouts of Simone Maynard, the digitally detailed Mijn Schatje, and the dynamic illustrations of MIA. This was a great show for AM to attend as Ad Hoc […]

Preview: In the Language of Angels @ Ad Hoc

This Saturday, Ad Hoc Art will be opening “In The Language of Angels“. With six young and extremely talented artists from around the world: Sarah Joncas (Canada), Camilla d’Errico (Canada), Mia (USA), Lisa Alisa (Russia), Mijn Schatje (France) and Simone Maynard (Australia), it should be exciting to see each of them display the softer “angelic” side of Pop Surrealism.   We’ve gathered some special preview images of the pieces that will be on display at the show after the jump.