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Signings: Scott Campell – “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” @ OHWOW Book Club

If you remember earlier this year, we told you about a new book by Scott Campbell entitled If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long. As you may know, the good folks at OHWOW have a fresh new retail location called the OHWOW Book Club in New York which was the perfect setting for a recent book signing by Campbell for his new publication. Check out some photos of the signing and the new location after the jump.

Publications: Scott Campell – “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” Signed Edition

As we mentioned last year, Scott Campbell’s first book, If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long, is now fully baked and ready for consumption. Published by Rizzoli and OHWOW, the hardcover monograph chronicles the origins of, parallels between, and indelible influence of his tattoo work and his fine art, with his cut-currency sculptures already making headlines again this year during showings in both Zurich and Singapore last month. The comprehensive 208-page publication is as rich in imagery as it is insightful in commentary, including a series of salient […]

Preview: Scott Campbell – “Paved With Good Intentions” @ Gallery Reis

With his first European solo opening up in Zurich later on this month, Scott Campbell will be heading to Asia for a warm-up showing on January 13th. Paved With Good Intentions at Gallery Reis in Singapore will focus on his most well-known creations – his cut currency pieces. Utilizing sheets of US dollars as his canvas, images from tattoo subculture are cut directly into the bills forming a sunken relief effect. While there, the NY-based artist will also be participating at this years Art Stage Singapore at the […]

Preview: Scott Campbell – “BLESS THIS MESS” @ Galerie Gmurzynska (Zurich)

Coming up on the 25th of this month, Scott Campbell will be opening his first European solo show at Galerie Gmurzynska’s Zurich location. We last enjoyed the tattoo specialist’s signature pieces fabricated from U.S. currency and ostrich eggshell paintings at his Marc Jancou Contemporary showing last year (covered), but it looks like the versatile artist has now added another medium to his repertoire. His Fuse Paintings will be on display for the first time featuring designs drawn with gunpowder and then lit (video here) ala Cai […]

Publications: Scott Campbell – “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” Book

Coming next spring from Rizzoli, and produced in conjunction with OHWOW publishing, comes Scott Campbell’s first monograph focusing on the duality of his artistic career both as a tattoo prodigy and a fine art powerplayer. Named in homage of his debut New York solo exhibition last year, If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long discusses how his ink work informs his gallery work and vice versus. Referencing of “new antiquarian” style, nineteenth-century hand-lettering, kitsch, and classic tattoo “flash”, his art – as seen this year […]

Videos: Scott Campbell – “That’s All Folks!” & “Prison Tattoo Gun”

Last seen outside his Brooklyn tattoo studio and rubbing elbows with the fine art world during the opening of Blankness is Not a Void (covered) at Marc Jancou Contemporary, showing alongside the venerable Raymond Pettibon, Scott Campbell has reverted to a more childlike forum, continuing his pyromaniacal tendencies with this new experimental video. Produced by Purple Fashion Magazine, the tattoo icon turned contemporary art mainstay pays homage to Looney Tunes with canon fuse and pipe bomb, perhaps working out the kinks for his next solo […]

Openings: Raymond Pettibon – “Blankness Is Not A Void” @ Marc Jancou Contemporary

A couple weekends ago, Marc Jancou Contemporary opened an impressive three person exhibition, entitled Blankness Is Not A Void, of big-time contemporary art players, Raymond Pettibon, Scott Campbell, and the late Steven Parrino. Campbell’s contributions to the show (covered), further developing his signature cut currency full sheets, was nothing short of spectacular. However, punk legend, and founding member of Black Flag, Raymond Pettibon proved his importance to the genre with his crude reinterpretations of iconographic imagery. One of the largest concentrations of his trademarked comic-like […]

Openings: Scott Campbell – “Blankness Is Not A Void” @ Marc Jancou Contemporary

Last night, AM stopped by the Marc Jancou Contemporary to check out New York-based Scott Campbell part of the exhibition Blankness Is Not A Void, a three person affair that also included the late Steven Parrino and Raymond Pettibon (more on this later). The tattoo-turned-fine artist brought with him his signature cut currency as well as some delicate ostrich eggshell paintings, first seen at his recent Los Angeles show (covered) just last month. An interesting addition to this new body of work from Campbell was a series of pieces referencing the […]

Preview: “Blankness Is Not A Void” @ Marc Jancou Contemporary

Tonight in New York City, Marc Jancou Contemporary opens a compelling three person exhibition, entitled Blankness Is Not A Void. Including works from Scott Campbell, Raymond Pettibon, and Steven Parrino, the trio of artists examine the everpresent themes of love, sex, and death in their own unique and unconventional ways. A selection of the late Parrino’s drawings and mixed media works anchor an extensive collection of Pettibon’s 1980s ink works on paper as well as a new series of Campbell’s cut currency works, who appears […]

Openings: Scott Campbell – “Noblesse Oblige” @ OHWOW (LA)

Last Saturday saw the grand opening of OHWOW Gallery’s Los Angeles location. Batting in the lead-off exhibition spot was New York’s tattoo rooted artist Scott Campbell with his latest body of work entitled Noblesse Oblige (previewed). The name of the show implies that “whoever claims to be noble must conduct their life accordingly and in a manner that conforms to one’s position.” In other words, keep it real. Certainly something that Campbell has lived by as shown by a recent torching of his show in Mexico, of which some […]