Last seen outside his Brooklyn tattoo studio and rubbing elbows with the fine art world during the opening of Blankness is Not a Void (covered) at Marc Jancou Contemporary, showing alongside the venerable Raymond Pettibon, Scott Campbell has reverted to a more childlike forum, continuing his pyromaniacal tendencies with this new experimental video. Produced by Purple Fashion Magazine, the tattoo icon turned contemporary art mainstay pays homage to Looney Tunes with canon fuse and pipe bomb, perhaps working out the kinks for his next solo show in what is a decidedly unique, yet explosive production technique. Or as the the mildly destructive bang at the end might suggest, perhaps he’s just having some fun.

In another worthwhile video surfacing today, Scott gets together with Casey Neistat, known for his humorous bike lane video, to provide a how-to account of the construction of one of his prison tattoo guns, all with items conveniently collected from your local bodega and trash cans. After discussing his affinity for the tattoo arts, Campbell appropriately inks “Bless this Mess” on a willing compatriot with the McGyver’ed apparatus – composed of pen and toothbrush parts, held together by sewing thread, and mechanized with batteries and motor (presumably obtained from a discarded VCR deck).

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Via Hybebeast and AnimalNY
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