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Previews: Matt Small & Fran Williams – ‘The Way We Were’ @ Signal Gallery

We’ve been long time followers of Matt Small here at AM, so we read news of a new two person show in London with anticipation. The Way We Were pairs the locally based artist with Swansea-based Fran Williams, and opens at Signal Gallery on 28th March, with a preview evening scheduled for Wednesday the 27th. This is the first time we have come across Fran’s work, and her figurative work seems to be a good fit with Small’s own uniquely styled portraiture – his heavily […]

Preview / Videos: Dale Grimshaw – ‘Moreish’ @ Signal Gallery

This week at London’s Signal Gallery, Dale Grimshaw unveils his latest collection of oil paintings in his solo exhibition, Moreish. Dale’s work is often deeply personal and as other showings of his work, the exhibition deals with human condition – this time in the form of greed and excess. The theme of the show seems to sit comfortably with Grimshaw’s work as his lavishly rendered paintings exude a baroque opulence. Take a look at the video below to accompany the shots from his studio to […]

Video: Dale Grimshaw – ‘Semi-Detached’ @ Signal Gallery

Check out this nicely put together video showing Dale Grimshaw getting busy with the work from his upcoming exhibition Semi-Detached opening this Thursday 6th October at Signal Gallery. Dale’s fourth solo show in London will see the artist unleash some of his personal demons, which are expressed in the metaphoric form of his violent father and the troubled upbringing Dale and his family experienced throughout his childhood. Expect some powerful, disturbing and very personal imagery in the form of oil paintings and woodblock prints. Sounds […]

Bookshelf: ‘Out of Sight: Urban Art / Abandoned Spaces’ by RomanyWG

From the lead page featuring an image of Cyclops and Sweet Toof wearing full face clown and wolf masks next to a just-completed Lenny character in an abandoned mental asylum, Out of Sight: Urban Art / Abandoned Spaces drags the reader into the underground of the underground. Street art is often seen by many as a form of advertising – and it often can be. A street version of of a forthcoming gallery piece or the next print release somehow seeking validation from an outdoor, […]

Previews: Jonathan Darby ‘Favela’ @ Signal Gallery

Jonathan Darby’s solo show Favela opens soon at the Signal Gallery, and this video teaser shows a little what to expect without giving the game away. Darby has linked up with CARF (Children at Risk Foundation) who work with street kids in Sao Paulo for the exhibition, and some of the proceeds from the show will go to the charity. Favela opens on Thursday 10th March, and from what we hear from Jonathan, will contain an entirely new series of paintings plus some pretty exciting […]

Openings: ‘Mixed Doubles’ @ Signal Gallery

AM attended our first opening at Signal Gallery’s new and much larger space for their Mixed Doubles group exhibition last week. John Squire was probably the first artist we ever collected from ‘art prints’ from back in the late 80’s when he produced Pollack-esque cover art for his band The Stone Roses. We collected the band’s limited 12 inch records (and still have them) with the limited art prints included in the package. Fast forward to 2011 and Squire is still working within the realm […]

Openings “Beyond Punk” @ Signal Gallery

If you’ve ever been to Signal Gallery, you’ll know it’s not the largest gallery space out there, so when we heard that the guest list had been closed at 250 people for the “Beyond Punk” exhibition opening due to the high demand to get on the guest list, we knew that we would be in for a squeeze! Typical Thursday evening opening nights in London tend to be busy, but the crowds usually move between different exhibitions. Not so for this show. When we turned up, […]

Openings / Giveaway: Dan Baldwin – “A New Life” @ Signal Gallery

Dan Baldwin’s solo, “A New Life”, recently opened at Signal Gallery, and AM stopped by to take a look at the new work on show. Dan’s new collection of paintings brings a more subtle and controlled approach to his work, triggered, in his words, by a change of surroundings from the city to the countryside and also his impending fatherhood (Baldwin Jr. attended the opening in utero!). There still are the typical chaotic Baldwin moments within the compositions, but he seems to have tamed the […]

Preview: Dan Baldwin – “A New Life” @ Signal Gallery

Dan Baldwin (interviewed) is currently putting the finishing touches to a new body of work set to be shown next month at Signal Gallery in London. “A New Life” opens on Thursday, July 1st and looks to reflect upon recent changes in the UK artist’s personal circumstances, such as a change of location and also the great tamer that is fatherhood. Dan describes his new work as “Mozart fighting Motorhead” with his approach to the work coming from a more delicate place and evolving organically […]

Showing: Armsrock – “Drawn Towards The Present” @ Signal Gallery

Danish artist Armsrock (interviewed) opened his solo show “Drawn Towards The Present” with London’s Signal Gallery last week. Ever willing to push the boundaries and try out something new, Armsrock filled the gallery with huge charcoal pieces on rice paper, suspended around the gallery with thin wire trace. The work is viewable from either front or rear due to the delicacy and translucency of the paper – the pieces nearest to the window being especially effective as you can observe the world going by through […]