Jouram Roukes

AM attended our first opening at Signal Gallery’s new and much larger space for their Mixed Doubles group exhibition last week. John Squire was probably the first artist we ever collected from ‘art prints’ from back in the late 80’s when he produced Pollack-esque cover art for his band The Stone Roses. We collected the band’s limited 12 inch records (and still have them) with the limited art prints included in the package. Fast forward to 2011 and Squire is still working within the realm of the abstract, but is now laying down a wonderful series rhythmical inspired riffs on the canvas. It’s good to see that his geometric mark making is as inspiring today as his music was in AM’s teens.

Alongside Squire, Dan Baldwin presented a new darkly themed and stripped back mixed media canvas and there was new work from Andrew McAttee, sculptor Sean Madden and some large scale pieces from Joram Roukes.

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John Squire

Dan Baldwin

All flicks courtesy of Gwen Fisher.