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Upcoming: “Post It 8” @ Giant Robot 2

Some of us here at AM are in Miami and will be missing the annual Post It show at Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles, but those who will be in town next Saturday (December 8th) should head over for their chance at an affordable piece to add to their collection. Each work will be only $25 and done on a sticky note with huge list of artists to choose from including Audrey Kawasaki (above), APAK!, Ana Bagayan, Tim Biskup, Luke Chueh, Jen Corace, Korin Faught, […]

Upcoming: Tessar Lo – “no evil, live on” @ Jaski Gallery

It’s been almost a year since Tessar Lo had a solo in Amsterdam (covered) where he’ll be returning this weekend for no evil, live on at the Jaski Gallery. The exhibition, entitled with a palindrome, will include smaller works on papers and mixed media pieces from the Toronto-based painter featuring his dream-like imagery. The opening of this show (September 29th, 4-7pm) takes place during OPEN!, the weekend in which the Amsterdam Spiegelkwartier opens the new season. Discuss Tessar Lo here.

Openings: “Wild At Heart” @ Thinkspace

A couple Saturdays ago, the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City hosted the opening for Wild at Heart, a benefit show where some of the proceeds went towards Born Free USA. The group exhibition featured artists and their choice of endangered species to paint or work with leading to some great pieces being created. Co-curated by Amanda Erlanson and Andrew Hosner, the impressive lineup included Wayne White, Andrew Hem, Aron Wiesenfeld, Dabs Myla, Martin Wittfooth, Amy Sol, Aryz, Chet Zar, Esao Andrews, Frank Gonzales, Mary Iverson, Amy […]

Openings: Tessar Lo – “Past, Present, Past-Present” @ Cooper Cole

A couple weeks ago, the Cooper Cole Gallery held court for attendees of Tessar Lo’s newest solo show titled Past, Present, Past-Present. The new body of work included medium to large-scale pieces featuring dream-like abstract imagery centered on his boy & animal characters and painted with rich and lush colors. Also, available will be a sculptural edition, don’t say, dansé, produced by Dark Matters in an edition of 25 for those interested. More opening photos after the jump…

Preview: Tessar Lo – “Past, Present, Past-Present” @ Cooper Cole

For those in Toronto, Tessar Lo’s solo show titled Past, Present, Past-Present will be opening this Friday, March 30th at the Cooper Cole Gallery. For his home city, the thoughtful painter has assembled a collection of works that continues to build off what we saw from him during his last show (covered) at the renamed showspace. The new paintings, which feature his signature abstract dream-like imagery which reference his Asian heritage look to be lush and colorful. Also, available will be a sculptural edition, don’t […]

Openings: Tessar Lo – “The Dying Wishes,” @ Jaski Gallery

Last weekend, the Jaski Gallery provided the walls for Tessar Lo as he presented a whole new collection of a paintings for fans in Amsterdam. Entitled The Dying Wishes, the new work built on an abstracted style that the Toronto-based artist has been developing for a while now. The continued refinement and practice certainly seems to have paid off as the resulting pieces on display were rich in palette, balanced in composition, and visually lush. Take a look at more opening photos after the jump courtesy of Erratic Phenomena […]

Preview: Tessar Lo – “The Dying Wishes,” @ Jaski Gallery (Amsterdam)

Coming up at the end of the week, October 22nd, the Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam will be hosting the opening for Tessar Lo’s latest solo exhibition. Building on the body of work Tessar presented in Canada last April, The Dying Wishes, is a collection of painting and small drawings that further explore what look to be the dream-like landscapes of youth and our imaginary animal companions. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: Tessar Lo & Andrew Hem – “MAPS” & “Building from the Ground Up” @ Show & Tell Gallery

This Friday night, Tessar Lo and Andrew Hem (interviewed) will inject the Toronto art scene with some of their signature imagery at the Show & Tell Gallery. With MAPS, Tessar continues to expand on the the colorful and the abstract that we have become familiar with since his solo at his hometown gallery last year (covered). To learn more about this new body of work that seems to explore the world between the dream and wakeful state, check out an interview with Mr. Lo on […]

Preview / Setup: Anthony Pontius / “Vision” and “Hunt & Gather” Group Shows @ Thinkspace

Tomorrow, April 9th, a trio of shows are scheduled to welcome Thinkspace Gallery to the Culver City art district (6009 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232). For their inaugural opening night in their more upscale and larger space (formerly the home of Kinsey DesForges and BLK/MRKT), Anthony Pontius will be bringing a new body of work for the main gallery, this time centered on his own unique take on potraiture, entitled “the caped cobra and his merry band of riders”. Also, two group shows in […]

Openings: Tessar Lo & Nimit Malavia @ Show & Tell Gallery

Tessar Lo and Nimit Malavia recently opened their shows: “Everything we wanted in our nostalgic future”  and “I can’t love you but we can romance” (respectively) at Toronto’s Show and Tell Gallery. For both artists, this was their first solo show in Canada. Not surprisingly, Toronto art fans filled the house to see the works from the two talented artists. Check out the opening night action after the jump.