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Openings: Vhils & JR @ Lazarides (Beverly Hills)

Last night, AM stopped by the spacious Lazarides popup gallery in Beverly Hills to take in the four-person show of Vhils, JR, Conor Harrington (interviewed), and Micallef (interviewed). Dubbed “Eurotrash,” the impressive grouping had ample room to each bring a full body of work for all to enjoy. We’ll start our coverage off by focusing in on Vhils and JR, who also collaborated on some street pieces in the week leading up to the opening. Portugal-based artist Vhils reprised his popular chiseled walls by bringing them […]

Streets: Vhils & JR in Los Angeles (Part II)

As you know, AM has been looking forward to seeing four great artists (Vhils, JR, Conor Harrington (interviewed), Micallef (interviewed) get together for a show at the Lazarides space in Beverly Hills (320 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210). “Eurotrash” opens on Wednesday, but JR and Vhils have already completed some murals downtown LA (Spring Street between 6th and 7th) for their fans to enjoy. Of particular interest is the collaboration piece between the two artists where Vhils goes over a photographic wheatpaste piece […]

Streets: Vhils & JR in Los Angeles

According to Lazarides, Vhils and JR have both taken time out from their busy schedule (Vhils – Fame Fest, JR – Cannes Festival & Germany) to travel to Los Angeles to prepare for their upcoming show. In fact, they are already on the streets around town working on some of the big-scale pieces they are famous for. The exhibition, entitled “Eurotrash”, will also feature two more great artists from the UK gallery’s stable of artists and – Conor Harrington (interviewed) and Micallef (interviewed). This will […]

Teaser: “Viva La Revolucion” @ MCASD

San Diego, hold on to your hats because the urban art movement is about to move into your neighborhood. This summer, the MCASD will be holding an exhibition showcasing some of the best art the streets have to offer. Curated by Pedro Alonzo (who also curated Shepard Fairey’s Retrospective), the show “Viva La Revolucion – A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape” will feature some of the most respected names in the genre: Akay (Sweden), Banksy (U.K.), Blu (Italy), Mark Bradford (U.S.), William Cordova (U.S.), Date […]

Fame Festival ’10: Vhils

After Swoon (interviewed) kicked things off for this year’s Fame Festival, it appears that the versatile Vhils has arrived in Italy. As one of the many participants from the stellar lineup this year, the Portugal based artist will be working on street pieces as well as a new print for the show. More images after the jump…

LAzarides 90210 heats up Los Angeles this summer

Remember last year when we broke the news about Lazarides moving their famous Outsiders show to LA? Well, they decided to step up their pop-up show efforts by expanding their LA presence to 4 shows that will last through this summer. The still secret 8000 ft gallery space will be situated in the famous high end district of Beverly Hills. The line up is nothing short of spectacular with David Choe (featured) to kick off with an opening April 23rd, followed by JR, Vhils, Conor Harrington, and Antony Micallef […]

Streets: Vhils in Moscow

Lazarides recently released some images of a piece that Vhils put up in Moscow, perhaps at the same time this piece was created. For more background info on how the Portugal-based street artist produces his “unbufferable” works of art with hammer and chisel, check out a video here. Also, more images of this piece after the jump…

Streets: Vhils in Moscow

After his work in Italy for the Fame Festival and in the UK for the Grifter’s group show, it looks like Vhils has moved on to Russia. Moscow seems like a popular target as Mark Jenkins’ work was recently spotted there as well. As you can see, Vhils uses his unique chiseling technique to create this special piece for all Muscovites to enjoy. More images after the jump…

Preview: “Grifters” Group Show @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

It appears that the preparations for Lazarides’ group show “Grifters” is already in full swing (teased). With most of the works already arriving inside the gallery, the artists got busy around the streets of London. Our friend Ian Cox went on an urban expedition with all the artists from this amazing group show including: David Choe, Vhils, Invader, Mode 2 among others for some in-progress photos of their outdoor work. His pics (see the full set here.) also gives a quick little preview of what is to be a colossal show at […]

FAME Festival – A Tour Through the Monastery

After months of following the goings on at Italy’s FAME Fest (see our coverage here), AM decided to take a trip to Grottaglie to find out if all those pieces were really as incredible as they appeared. Let’s just say that we were far from disappointed. From the murals painted within the ancient monastery and on the walls around town to the fantastic private preview dinner and packed opening night reception showcasing work from all the artists, FAME is every street art fan’s dream come true. […]