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Releases: Scratching The Surface Book

AM has just received news of a special event taking place at Lazarides’ Greek Street Shop on Friday, July 31st. To mark the closure of “Scratching The Surface”, Vhils’ successful solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone place (covered here and here), a special limited edition book of the same name will be released, as well as three Laz-exclusive hand-finished prints. Each of the full color, 80 page books has been signed by Vhils. We love the laser-cut front cover and look forward to taking a peek at […]

FAME Festival: Vhils

Looks like there is another update from this year’s FAME Festival. Vhils has put up three pieces so far, one of which is seen above. Sadly, the Mark Jenkins piece we showed you before has been taken down by the police. Take a look at some more pics after the jump including a look at Vhils working on some new prints and originals for the show.

FAME Festival: Mark Jenkins, Sam3, and Vhils

Mark Jenkins is shaking things up at FAME Festival (covered here). AM’s favorite tape sculptor has grabbed Grottaglie’s attention with an impressive installation on one of the town’s characteristically charming buildings.  As director Angelo Milano describes it, “Everybody was cool and smiling, including the old lady screaming, “Ggiovine!?! Ggiovvine!! Ascinne!” (English: “Hey boy!?! Hey boy!! Get down!”)

Video: Vhils – “Scratching The Surface”

AM has been very impressed by Vhils’ first UK solo show “Scratching The Surface“, which recently opened at Lazarides Rathbone Place. A video has just been released which documents the artist’s process of installation in the gallery. It’s great to see more footage of Alexandre taking his hammer and chisel to the wall to carve out his exquisite portraits. See the video here. Discuss this show here. Discuss Vhils here.

Openings: Vhils – “Scratching The Surface” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Portuguese street artist Vhils opened his first UK solo show “Scratching The Surface” last night to a packed house at Lazarides Rathbone Place. Vhils employed various mediums and techniques for his amazing portraiture pieces in the show, including stencils, collage and even a few relief pieces like the ones we saw in the video he released a couple of months ago, except this time he used acid and bleach instead of a hammer and chisel. All the photos from the opening after the jump…

Video: Scratching the Surface – Vhils

Portugal street artist Vhils, who recently participated at the grand opening of Laz’s Rathbone Place as well as the Tunnel 228 project, just released a video he’s been working one entitled “Scratching the Surface.”  In it, employing excellent cinematography, he documents the creation of one of his pieces.  We also get a glimpse at his mastery of all tools of the trade – spray paint, stencil, power tools, hammer and chisel. Via Wooster.

Tunnel 228 Theatre x Art Show by Kevin Spacey

The vaults under Waterloo Station have been taken over by artistic director Kevin Spacey and his team from the Old Vic Theatre for their latest venture: Tunnel 228. A very cool “pop up” art show and theatre experience that seems to have come out of nowhere. Via a mysterious website which poses as a legit business, people can get free tickets to the event via a hidden link that allows the visitor to participate in the project. The show includes work by ATMA, Mark Jenkins, Antony […]

Teaser: FAME Festival 2009

Studio Cromie just announced their lineup for “FAME Festival 2009,” an outdoor art event held from June through September in which street and contemporary artists from across the globe descend on Italy to create some spectacular murals across the city of Grottaglie. The festival will draw to a close on September 19th with a group show featuring new work from the participating artists, print and book releases, as well as a tour around town to see all the artwork. This year’s lineup includes: Blu, Conor […]

Lazarides to Open New Gallery – Rathbone Place

Buy low, sell high… guess Steve Lazarides sees the recent economic downturn as an opportunity to make some moves. The marquee urban art gallery from London has been busy in 2009. Last month Laz transformed their Greek street location into a shop with a more accessible price point and stocked it with plenty of quality artwork under £5,000. Now Lazarides is making his move on the high end – a luxurious new flagship gallery, “Rathbone Place,” will be opening its doors on May 15th. This newly renovated five story location […]

Outsiders Selection @ Lazarides (Newcastle)

Another great group show is underway at Lazarides (Newcastle Location). This time, the exhibition that opened last weekend is entitled “Outsiders Selection” and features original paintings, prints and sculpture from Faile, Antony Micallef, Blu, Ian Francis, David Choe, JR, Conor Harrington, Damien Hirst, Paul Insect, Invader, Polly Morgan, Kelsey Brookes, Vhils, Jonathan Yeo, Herbert Baglione, Zevs, and more.  Although the art was mainly older work, there were many standout pieces including this stunning “Flying Copper” (seen above) by Banksy suspended in glass/plexi.  Many more pics […]