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Upcoming: Tim Biskup – “Charge” @ Martha Otero Gallery

On September 28th, the Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles will be hosting a new solo show from Tim Biskup (featured) entitled Charge. The new body of work will revolve around Biskup’s thoughts on the title of the show, which holds complex personal references for him. Not only does the more common meaning to feel psychologically or emotively “charged” describe his feelings behind the exhibition, but “charge” also is used in particle physics and can be applied to color theory. For those in the area, the opening starts at […]

Opening: Nicola Verlato & Caleb Brown – “Pagan Pop” & “A Modern World” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

A couple weekends ago, the Merry Karnowsky Gallery hosted new work from Nicola Verlato (featured) & Caleb Brown entitled Pagan Pop & A Modern World collectively. Featuring two surreal paintings styles that pair nicely together, the exhibition allowed fans to look into the imaginative minds of these two artists. On one side of the gallery, Verlato (seen above) created suspended human forms placed in beautifully rendered fantastical situations seen through the lens of how Western society has continually attempted to suppress its pagan roots. Not to be outdone, Brown painted his versions of […]

Openings: Neck Face – “No Mercy For The Weak” @ New Image Art

Last weekend, the New Image Art hosted another “frightening” exhibition from Neck Face (interviewed) at their West Hollywood showspace. In addition to works and prints highlighting his special form of dark humor, he also created a shrine to the Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez), who recently died in prison, as well as accented the walls with his signature colors and aesthetic. Take a look at more photos below… Photo credit: Coldsmoke (via Hypebeast). Discuss Neck Face here.

Openings: Kai & Sunny – “Caught by the Nest” @ Subliminal Projects

Over the weekend, artistic duo Kai & Sunny opened up a new exhibition in Los Angeles at Subliminal Projects. Entitled Caught By The Nest, the new body of work from the British artists featured monochromatic pieces inspired by the book The Reason I Jump, written by Naoki Higashida and translated by David Mitchell, a long time collaborator with Kai & Sunny and author of Cloud Atlas. Also available for purchase was a collaboration print with gallery owner Shepard Fairey. Take a look at more photos below… Discuss Kai & Sunny here.

Upcoming: Judith Supine – “Thanks for Nothing” @ Known Gallery

This Saturday night (September 14th), the Known Gallery in Los Angeles will be presenting Thanks for Nothing, a two person show featuring Judith Supine and Alia Shawkat. For his part, Supine has prepared a new body of work including eighty small originals and six large scale pieces. Known for his provocative and intriguing collage portraits, the New York based artist has created his miniatures from an eclectic collection of “art books, sleazy magazines, candy packaging, phone cards, cigarette boxes, and blunt wrappers.” For those interested, the […]

Previews: Bec Winnel – “Earthly Beings” @ Thinkspace

Later this evening, the Thinkspace Gallery will be opening Earthly Beings, a new collection of works from Bec Winnel in their project room (also see Matt Doust in their main space). Winnel is an Australian artist and accomplished illustrator, who works in graduated washes of watercolor paint, pastel, and pencil. For this showing, she has produced a series of dreamy and lush portraits, of which you can see in some shots from the studio as well as a couple preview images below. Discuss this show here.

Previews: Kozyndan – “End Of Summer Never Ends” @ Giant Robot 2

After another three city series of shows in Australia earlier this year, the husband and wife artistic duo known as Kozyndan have a new show opening tomorrow (September 7th) in Los Angeles. Their return to their hometown gallery of Giant Robot 2 will be entitled End Of Summer Never Ends, a nod to their love of the Southern California summer. Included in the work are several references to the underwater photography that is part of their oeuvre like the paintings seen above as well as some sculptural […]
Andrew Hem

Previews: “The BLAB Show” (2013)” @ Copro Gallery

On September 14th, the Copro Gallery in Los Angeles will be opening up a group show that has become somewhat of an annual tradition (see 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)  – The BLAB Show. Put together by the people behind the Blab! Anthology, this year’s edition promises to be a great one as well with artists like Nicoletta Ceccoli, Travis Louie, Souther Salazar, Glenn Barr, Camille Rose Garcia, Andrew Hem (seen above), Lola, Xue Wang, Peter Ferguson, Travis Lampe, Matt Dangler, Brian Despain, Katja Tukiainen, and […]

Previews: Caleb Brown – “A Modern World” @ Merry Karnowsky

This Saturday (September 7th), the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles will be one of the places you must visit on your night of art. Not only will gifted painter Nicola Verlato be unveiling new works at the space, but Caleb Brown will also be presenting some intriguing paintings of his own. A Modern World will feature the New York-based artist’s crazy alternate realities, filled with things that appear where they shouldn’t be – like the surreal look at sharks and skydivers leaping out of planes amidst detonations. Discuss this show here. […]

Matt Doust 1984 – 2013

It saddens the staff here at AM to have to bring news of the tragic passing of Matt Doust last week from a seizure, just days away from his debut United States solo exhibition that was to be held at the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. The young Perth-raised painter, who was shortlisted for the Archibald prize in 2011, a tribute to how well regarded his portraiture skills were in Australia. Collected internationally by fans including Jim Carrey and Mickey Rourke, the 29 year old was well […]