Artists collaborating on album covers is not a new phenomenom, but here is an interesting one from Kanye West that was done by Kaws. This one apparently is only for the iTunes release.  If this is true, then the only place you would see the album cover would be in your Ipod or music players.  Shows what a powerhouse iTunes and downloads have become if money is spent exclusively for the online release.  Not sure why Kanye wouldn’t use the same cover for the hard copy though.  We will soon see if the rumors are true… *edit – it now sounds like this will also be the album cover for the store release *

Kanye has worked with high profile artists before, if you remember, his last cover was done by Murakami – pics of this as well a few other artists designed covers after the jump.

Murakami designed album cover for Kanye

Josh Keyes cover

Luke Chueh x Fallout Boy

Banksy designed covers

Old news but Banksy took it a step further and hijacked 500 copies of Paris Hilton’s album when it was released, modified it (nude cover and all), and returned it to stores.  None the wiser, customers bought up the copies before they could be pulled from the shelves as he left the original bar codes on.

Kaws x Kanye photos via Clutter.