The Manifest Hope: DC exhibition, showcasing the spirit of the grass-root artist movement, officially opened it’s doors Saturday morning, but Friday night, select VIPs and friends were invited to preview the pop-up gallery.  The packed house reflected the energy that is currently flowing into the nation’s capital for Inauguration.  With the crew working hard to put the 11th hour finishing touches on the exhibition prior to the unveiling, the inspired looks from the audience once curtains came up made the week long marathon set-up all worthwhile!

AM took lots of pictures and has a perfectly logical excuse for being tardy with this post. Oh heck, how about we make it up to you with another special gift from Shepard after jump.

Dear readers of AM: Sorry for the delay in posting our coverage of last night’s preview at Manifest Hope DC. We have an excuse and some perfectly logical facts for our delay:
1) The opening preview was an awesome experience and there were (multiple) open bars sponsored by Belvedere…
2) We had to stay to help clean up after everyone.
3) Did we mention that we have a bribe… err… prize from Shepard to make up for it now?!

We also have a very good excuse on why you didn’t wake up to see our recap article Saturday morning… Reason being; we got invited (last second) to cover something at the break of dawn. (hint: Fairey God Brother… well, just wait for the next post, it’ll all make sense soon!)

Shepard chatiting & signing for an active army soldier

Shepard chatting & signing for an active army soldier

Look ma... I used crayons!

Look ma... I used crayons!

Yosi's "Mega" sculpture


Ok… excuses and jokes aside,  Shepard and AM really do appreciate the readers supporting the Manifest Hope DC show. So in addition to the “Progress” stickers which Shepard usually signs for our readers, he also took time to sign the official “VOTE” campaign print which has long been sold out for you readers.

How do you win this numbered (now signed!) editioned print? Simple… leave a comment telling us what your favorite presidents (top 3 of all time) are by noon Wednesday and we’ll select one reader at random. (Congratulations to Tay our winner of the Shepard Fairey signed Vote print.)

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