Video of Shepard discussing the possible motives behind his arrest.

When AM broke the news of Shepard Fairey’s arrest last week (here), we couldn’t help but ask the question: With warrants outstanding for weeks, how come Shepard was not arrested at City Hall while attending a very public unveiling with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino? We posed the question for you readers to ponder the motives*** and left the rest to Shep & his legal team. That is until Wooster Collective posted a very revealing article (here) through the eyes of Dave Combs (publisher of PEEL magazine).

Dave shared a cab with Shepard and recounts the events that night. He also brings up a few interesting correlations between Boston politics & law enforcement and the possible publicity motives that led to the decision/timing for the “timely” arrest of Shepard in front of a sold out/highly publicized opening at the ICA.

(***It is interesting to note that the arrest occurred Friday night, which meant that Shepard cannot be arraigned until Monday (since the courts are not opened on weekend), thus forcing Mr. Fairey to spend the entire weekend in jail for an alleged “vandalism” misdemeanor which carries a $100 fine.)

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