Shepard Fairey must be a Cylon… With temperatures in Boston as low as 8 degrees, there is no way he’s spent the last week hitting the streets of Boston. It’s amazing that Shepard and his crew are willing to brave Arctic-like temperature just to work the historic walls of Bean Town and make the city his personal urban canvas.

As the city anticipates the historic retrospective at the ICA Boston next week (teased), Shepard is making his presence felt without relying on “Obama” imagery. Simply put, he is going back to the roots of “urban beautification” and coating the concrete jungle with his signature murals, wheatpaste and stickers. AM brings you some awesome images straight from the streets of Boston.

All the images after the jump.

Nick is showing some TLC on the Icon

Nick is showing some TLC on the Icon

Much thanks for images via Ashes 57, Hargo, Remi Thornton, and Caitlin E. Curran.

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