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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Preview/Setup: EINE – “The A – Z of Change” @ Carmichael Gallery

AM swung by the Carmichael Gallery in West Hollywood today to meet the legendary UK street artist EINE. It was a pleasure meeting the man behind so many amazing street pieces the world over. We hung out for about 30 minutes, catching up with the artist, the staff and snapping some shots to share with you all – all after the jump…

Openings: “Ways of Seeing” @ Black Rat Press

Black Rat Press‘ stunning lighting rig came into its own this past Thursday when the new three-person show “Ways of Seeing” opened. Featuring new work from Swoon (interviewed), Brian Adam Douglas a.k.a. Elbow-Toe (interviewed) and Matt Small (interviewed), the vibrancy and luminosity of the colors of Douglas’ and Small’s work was really highlighted by the controlled approach to lighting against the brickwork backdrop of the gallery. More after the jump…

Jeff Soto Watercolors

One thing you have to respect about Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) work is his willingness to experiment when it would have been easy to just keep painting robots and other familiar imagery. As evidenced by this RAM show and his first UK solo show, he has definitely moved on (although it’s nice to see his stunning return to the streets – here & here, something hopefully he will continue).  Here, we see him having some fun with watercolors, which he will be sending to the Whammy! […]

Openings: “Summer Group Show” @ StolenSpace

StolenSpace shows always attract a good crowd and last week’s opening of their annual “Summer Group Show” was no exception. London was basking in a serious heatwave last week and the ice cold Tiger Beer was a welcome relief from the heat for the AM contingent attending the show. Read on for more pictures and details about the work from the show after the jump.

Openings: David Ellis – “Constant Flow” @ New Image Art

AM had the chance to swing through New Image Art on the opening night of “Constant Flow” – the new solo show from Barnstormers member David Ellis. The show comes down this weekend, so we apologize for the lag in posting, it’s just been a busy month that’s been packed with shows, but Ellis killed it and the show is most definitely worth checking out if you have the chance. More pics and a recap on the show after the jump.

Previews: Anthony Lister – “No Win Sitch” in Sydney

Anthony Lister (interviewed) sent us an image of a recent piece he did in Sydney, which is also where he will be having his newest show “No Win Sitch” at a yet undisclosed location.  The show will be one night only on July 17th (6-9pm) and will be independently funded by Lister.  Check a video teaser on the project after the jump…

Preview: “Monster?” Group Show @ Copro Gallery

Monsters are attacking Bergamot Station!  Well, at least for the similarly named group show at Copro Gallery this Saturday night curated by none other than Travis Louie (interviewed).  Well respected in the art world and a talented artist himself, Travis was able to put together an impressive list of participants for exhibition.  Not only did he include regulars like Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Ron English (featured), Dan May (interviewed), Kris Kuksi, Chet Zar, Brian Despain (interviewed), Ana Bagayan (featured), and Tessar Lo, he also made sure […]

Art Focus: Michael Jackson – An Icon in Art

Andy Warhol – Michael Jackson (1984) As perhaps one of the most famous men alive during the last quarter of the 20th century and beyond, Michael Jackson transcended just music.  He became a part of our culture at large and became a figure in visual arts.  While there will be much more art coming soon in memorial of his life and as the countless Michael Jackson news, tributes and articles continue to inundate the media, let’s take a look back at some of those most […]

Interview: Elbow-Toe Hits Up Streets of London

Brian Adam Douglas aka Elbow-Toe has been busy since we last caught up with him at his Los Angeles solo show. Pasting up his hand-painted woodcut paper pieces and dropping some poetry in London’s hottest spots, he’s reminding our friends across the pond that there’s more to street art than just stencils and graffiti. We’ll show you photos from the three person show he opened with Swoon (interviewed) and Matt Small (interviewed) last weekend later, but first, we bring you an interview with Elbow-Toe and […]

Releases: “Che Guevara” – Ernesto Yerena

Check out this little in-progress shot of the Ernesto Yerena’s “Che Guevara” piece. Pretty bad-ass take on the famed Latin American revolutionary. This original artwork is a 30″ x 44″ HPM with paper collage painted from hand cut stencils. The style may be reminiscent of Obey’s classic handiwork.  Well, maybe because Ernesto is actually Shepard Fairey’s studio assistant. He’s designed numerous collaborations with Shepard on notable Obey hits such as “Chuck D,” “Joan Jett,” and “Dia De Los Muertos.” This image will be made into a print dropping sometime […]