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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Teaser: SHAG “Haunted Mansion” Special Event @ Disneyland

SHAG (interviewed) will be invading the one and only Disneyland this August 9th (10am – 1pm) for a special meet, greet, and signing to celebrate the release of his “Haunted Mansion” inspired artwork and limited edition products created in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Represented in the artwork are some of the Mansion’s most beloved scenes, including the Stretching Portraits, the Ballroom, the Seance Room, the Attic, Graveyard, among others. Find out more about this and the special products planned […]

Teaser: Nicoletta Ceccoli @ Roq La Rue

Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed) will be opening up her show at Roq La Rue along with Eric Fortune later on this month. From what she told us, she plans to have about 10 paintings for this show.  Judging from the teaser pics she was kind enough to send us, expect more of her fantastic dreamy and delicate imagery for this show.  Ceccoli’s paintings have a high level of detail and must be seen in person to truly appreciate how amazing her brushwork is.  More after the […]

Openings: “Park Life: The New Utopia” @ Subliminal Projects

This past Saturday, Subliminal Projects presented the second installment of their “Park Life” series. Curated by Studio Number One, this latest body of work revolves around the theme of “The New Utopia,” which presents each artists’ individual representations of a perfect society. Bringing together a wide variety of talents creating art with a diverse range of mediums, participating artists included Shepard Fairey, Amanda Fairey, Cleon Peterson, Ernesto Yerena, Marissa Textor, Date Farmers (seen above), Sage Vaughn, Maya Hayuk and many more. See all the photos […]

Second Helpings: June 2009

The first month of Summer brought an artistic heat wave. It was hard, even for us, to cover all the massive events occurring across the the world. Check out this edition of Second Helpings as AM selects some of the best stories of the month for you to chew on. Get served after the jump.

Releases: Hand Finished Prints by Chloe Early @ StolenSpace Summer Group show

StolenSpace opens it’s annual Summer Group show this coming Thursday with an international list of exhibiting artists as long as your arm!  StolenSpace artists past, present and future – Alex Thornton, Sylvia Ji, Mike Leavitt (interviewed), Mr Jago, Pete Fowler, Ronzo, Kris Kuksi, Kai & Sunny, Shepard Fairey, Kristy Whiten, Will Barras, Chloe Early, Brad Downey, Charles Krafft, Jaybo, d*face, Dan Witz, David Bray, Word to Mother, Miss Van, Doze Green, Jacob Knill, Mudwig, Mysterious Al, Joshua Petker and Hellovon all are showing work at the […]

Preview/Video: Jeff Koons @ Serpentine Gallery (UK)

Another video has been released regarding Jeff Koons’ upcoming show in London (first mentioned here).  This time, the footage is from the actual show space, Serpentine Gallery.  The show, which focuses on his Popeye series of works, is set to open tomorrow.  Take a look at some additional pics after the jump…

Preview/Setup: “Willoughby Windows” presented by Ad Hoc Art

Twelve different storefronts from 89 to 106 Willoughby Street in Brooklyn are being transformed by over fifteen artists as part of the “Willoughby Windows” project. Presented by Ad Hoc Art in conjunction with the MetroTech Business Improvement District, the exhibition showcases the beautification project in place to bring life to the twelve empty storefronts on this block. The unveiling of this effort kicks off with a block party on Friday, July 10 from 2-7 pm. Participating artists include Chris Stain, Ellis G. (streets), Gaia, Logan […]