The first month of Summer brought an artistic heat wave. It was hard, even for us, to cover all the massive events occurring across the the world. Check out this edition of Second Helpings as AM selects some of the best stories of the month for you to chew on. Get served after the jump.

Sleepboy recommends:

1) Henry Chalfant & Martha Cooper – “Subway Art: 25th Anniversary” Book Release & Interview

A re-release of the “bible” of street art is certainly an important event. Getting to meet Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper, the photographers behind this famous book – even better. Having the chance to sit down and interview them and pick their brains about how it all started – humbling and priceless.

2) Slinkachu – “Whatever Happened to the Men of Tomorrow” @ Andipa Gallery

Miniature photographer and artist Slinkachu’s work is pretty amazing. We loved the theme of the show and thought his installation piece was one of the best we have seen in a while. Take a look at the pics, you won’t be disappointed.

3) Josh Keyes – “Sprout” @ David B. Smith Gallery

One of AM’s favorites, Josh Keyes, opened his solo show “Sprout” in Denver, and we were lucky enough to be able to check it out in person. He impresses with one of his biggest pieces to date was well as two interactive installation pieces – replica guns coated in soil, impregnated with seeds and bursting with plants, and a centerpiece “Boli” sculpture in the shape a deer where participants were asked to place seeds in with it literally sprouting and changing form for the duration of the exhibit. We were also able to get some studio shots of Josh in action.

Stephen recommends:

1) Close Up: Banksy’s Studio Installation @ Bristol Museum

What could be more awesome than a surprise Banksy show featuring over 100 works from the elusive artist? Simple, couple that with a rare look inside the Bristol Bomber’s studio and all the stencils, mockups and everyday objects that inspire him.

2) Openings: Know Hope – “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” @ Carmichael Gallery

Israeli street artist Know Hope’s Los Angeles solo debut definitely did not disappoint. We, along with the rest of the crowd, were wowed by his intricate gallery installation. Painstakingly created with cardboard, paper, fishing twine and paint, the installation was literally one of Know Hope’s pieces come to life.

3) Yoshitomo Nara x YNG Collaboration – Basel Week Switzerland

See a theme emerging here? Too many great installations this month. If for some odd reason I ever decided to live in an “The Oregon Trail” wagon (loved that game!) or a NYC-sized apartment, you better bet it’d be one fabricated by Yoshitomo Nara and design firm Graf. A kid can dream…

Juggernut3 recommends:

1) Art Basel – Switzerland 09

As the mother of all art shows, Art Basel 2009 held it’s ground in the recession suppressed economy. With beautiful artworks from the all-stars of the art world, the events in Switzerland sent our eyes dancing with a buffet of quality visuals!

2) Venice Bienalle

The historic city of canals held it’s famed annual art celebration, the Biennale. Venice also got a dose of the urban treatment as Shepard Fairey swooped for his trademark beautification de urbano and Swoon invaded the canals with her makeshift armada just in time to celebrate this fantastic festival.

3) Bristol Museum Vs. Banksy

Definitely urban overload as Bristol’s most famous rat returned for a massive homecoming show. Long overdue, the Banksy didn’t disappoint with an enormous body of work that wowed most that visited the show that was held, in all places – the Bristol Museum. Check out the studio mock up detail down to the stencils and “self portrait.”  We even have a great video of both the indoor & outdoor antics of Banksy’s hard work.