February is the last month of winter, but things heated up with some great stories. As always, we’ve got a healthy serving of Second Helpings for you. The staff at AM has selected some of the best stories that deserve another look.

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Juggernut3 recommends:

Let me out... I am the President!

Let me out... I am the President!

1) Shepard Fairey Coverage: Supply & Demand @ ICA Boston

ICA Boston played host to Shepard Fairey as he literally Boston by storm: “beautifying” the streets, setting up his first museum show, giving thoughtful talks/discussions/interviews, and even getting arrested! It was a wild month for Shepard even by his standard. One would think that everything would settle down after inauguration… Stay tuned, cause we’ve got some more “behind the scene” surprises from our coverage of Shep’s Boston trip coming real soon.

2) Kaws: The Long way Home @ Honor Fraser LA Coverage

KAWS has come a long way from his “Ad Disruptions” on the streets to his latest fine art gallery show in Los Angeles. He even curated a show at Royal/T where he held an exclusive party on the eve of his own show opening. We were on hand to cover this, his amazing show at Honor Fraser and also had an in depth video from CBS Sunday Morning.

3) Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School with Ron English

A live drawing session that was anything but boring. We were on hand to experience a festive venue where drinks and inspiration was flowing non-stop. Ron English and Molly Crabapple played host at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School where everyone got into the very essence of art in a laid back social setting.

Sleepboy recommends:

Some Artists and Curators

Some Artists and Curators

1) Worlds on Fire Show

Some of the top low brow/pop surrealist artists in the world painting Grammy nominees – what more could you ask for? A unique and extremely well put together show as some stunning works were unveiled. Make sure you take another look at this exhibition.

2) Brendan Monroe Interview/Book Release

A lot of thought and hard work was put into Brendan Monroe’s first book compilation of his work entitled simply “b. monroe.” A definite must read for his fans as there is no complete collection online to browse. I definitely enjoyed interviewing one of my favorite artists as well…

3) Jin Young Yu Interview

I found it hard to get Jin Young Yu’s haunting sculptures out of my mind the first time I saw them in our Art Basel Miami coverage last year. With the help of Stella Im Hultberg, we co-interviewed Yu and learned a lot more about this delightful artist. Make sure you check out Stella’s creative process article from this month as well.

AM Editor recommends:

1) Shepard Fairey Coverage: Supply & Demand @ ICA Boston

It was great to be on hand for this momentous occasion – street art legend Shepard Fairey finally getting some long overdue recognition from the art establishment. And the show was incredible. Congrats to Shepard, the Boston ICA, Jonathan Levine Gallery and everyone else involved.

2) Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian London

Would have loved to be able to jet over to London to see the newest works by this pop master in person. The new camo Time Bokans look amazing.

3) Grateful Palate’s James Jean Wine

Wine, women and art – only the finer things in life for us!

Stephen recommends:

1) Kaws: The Long way Home @ Honor Fraser

Great to see KAWS take his work to the next level with his latest series of abstractions. In fact, it was so good that I took the opportunity to check out the work again this weekend. I am still wowed by the “wall power” many of these pieces carry.

2) Chris Stain @ Carmichael Gallery

A great installation served as the backdrop for Stain’s nitty-gritty depictions of everyday life of the common-folk. His work brings back memories of childhood and good old fashioned hardworking America.

3) KAWS x Royal/T Party and Art Exhibition

Royal/T and Susan Hancock – The fun, vibrant, Japanese maid cafe and the amazing art collection of its owner were taken to the next level of awesomeness with an opportunity for fans to chat with KAWS, pick up merchandise at the OriginalFake pop-up shop, and spend time admiring some of the great pieces in Hancock’s collection.