You’d think an artist would slowdown to take it all in after a series of major retrospectives. If it’s Takashi Murakami, then you thought wrong. Since his monstrous retrospective tour ended this past Feburary in Spain, Murakami has been on a tear, creating bodies of work on almost every medium you can imagine – sculpture, canvas, print, vinyl, animation, you name it – he’s put his team from Kaikai Kiki to work. The problem is, each show usually featured only one facet of his artistic endeavors. So unless you can pull out a G4 like Pharrell and jet-set to each show, it would be near impossible to take in all of Murakami’s genius. That is until now…

“Self Portraits” is his latest show at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin (previewed), an amalgamation of the fruits of his recent gallery shows. We see his multi-panel collages of “Kaikai & Kiki,” his reinterpretation of his signature “flowers,” his coveted eye-catching sculptures with Kanye West, his detailed Inochi figures, and even the reemergence of his classic DOB portrait. This aptly named show is truly a “Self Portrait” reflection of the Super-Flat madman. If there’s one show in recent memory that will give the viewer a firm grasp of what Takashi Murakami is all about, then it’s this show.

Check out the in depth photo recap from the exhibition after the jump.

Awesome pictures thanks to our friend BFLV in France.


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