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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Preview: Tim Biskup – “I Hate Everyone But You” @ Barracuda

Perhaps inspired by the recent Astro Boy movie, Tim Biskup has painted the robot hero in his signature multi-faceted style for his show “I Hate Everyone But You” opening tomorrow night at De La Barracuda. Biskup’s first show in LA since 2007 will be somewhat of an retrospective but also include new pieces like the one above and a “Darth Vader” piece seen after the jump. Also making an appearance will be multiple sculptural pieces as well as prints from his friend Matt Goldman (from MFG).

Openings: Stella Im Hultberg – “Penumbra” @ Copro Gallery

Last weekend, after a nice Izakaya dinner with the artists, the AM crew headed over to Copro Gallery for the three person show (Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, and Nicoletta Ceccoli).  Stella flew all the way from New York to attend the show and brought with her a new darker and more brooding body of work. The paintings were all on paper including a couple larger ones we especially liked with a darkened backdrop and hidden faces. Often times, an artist’s work is influenced by […]

Streets: Blu in Bogota

Blu is one of those street artists that always makes an effort to create pieces that are socially relevant to the area he is working in (ie Milan and Taranto). Combine this with superior artistic skills, his flair for black humor, and an imagination that knows no limits, it’s no surprise he has become the superstar that he is today. Here we see his newest piece put up in Bogota, Colombia for “Memoria Canalla.” Don’t you love the imagery of a credit card getting a […]

Art Focus: Dabs and Myla

AM had the opportunity to sit down with the recently transplanted Australian duo of Dabs and Myla – a couple of artists that we’ve had our eye on for a while.  Their wondrously complex yet easily accessible paintings and murals are the result of years of collaboration as well as a seemingly near-psychic connection found only in the strongest of couples.  While Dabs creates the characters, Myla renders the washed out backgrounds and intricate cityscapes.  Their individual voices harmonize together with near symphonic results, the […]

Openings: WK Interact – “How To Blow Yourself Up” @ Subliminal Projects

This past weekend, WK Interact opened his “amped-up” show “How To Blow Yourself Up” at LA’s Subliminal Projects. Unlike his last show at Jonathan Levine (covered), which focused on giant canvas works, this show centered around the intricately designed urban mechanisms and interactive installations which were handcrafted by WK himself. The show was filled with his signature kinetic energy and even the installations seemed to radiate and pulsate with an tense pressure. Viewers that entered the show are greeted by WK’s version of a police booking […]

Openings: “14 Artists” – New Image Art Gallery

Always one to be on the cutting edge of art, New Image Art Gallery opened their “14 Artists” show last Friday night.  The group show was a result of studio visits and correspondence with, you guessed it, 14 different artists.  It featured works on all different mediums, from Judith Supine’s signature green, purple, and pink collages on canvas to the Date Farmers’ found materials and drawings, to sculpture, such as Dennis McNetts’s “Wolfbat.”  The show included street artists such as Skullphone (who wheatpasted near the […]

Preview: Brian Despain – “Requiarium” @ Roq La Rue

Friday night, Brian Despain (interviewed) will be treating Seattle residents to his cadre of robots and their adventures.  Despain is able to imbue his mechanical characters with emotional depth as they interact with companions from the natural world set against an often lush background. Despain’s “Requiarium” is set to open Nov 12th at Roq La Rue alongside John Brophy’s “Saints and Angels.” More preview images after the jump.

Streets: Shepard Fairey x Levi’s Time Square Mural

Recently. AM had a chance to catch Shepard Fairey and his crew hard at work in the middle of Times Square for the launch of a special collaboration with Levi’s. In usual bold Obey fashion, the boys set up shop at the heart of the city to build a mural anchored by Shepard’s classic icon with a “pocketed” Levi’s twist. Not surprisingly the mural creation process drew a big crowd of fans and tourists eager to get pictures of Shepard much like his mural creation […]

Openings: Jeremy Fish @ Laguna Art Museum

AM visited Jeremy Fish this past weekend in Laguna for the opening of “Weathering the Storm”, his first solo museum show. As you may well remember from our studio visit, Fish has created an entirely new body of work for this exhibit, featuring a variety of sizes and mediums. Fans turned out in droves, many coming from as far as San Francisco to attend the opening. In attendance were art scene staples such as Lynzy Blair of FIFTY24SF, Juxtapoz’s Matt Revelli and Evan Prico, Fecal […]

Openings: Aya Takano – “Reintegrating Worlds” @ Skarstedt Gallery

Last Saturday night, Upper East Side’s Skarstedt Gallery hosted the opening of one of the most exciting shows so far this art season – Japanese pop-art star Aya Takano’s “Reintegrating Worlds.” The exhibition, which is Takano’s second solo with the gallery, consists of a brilliant collection of 15 new paintings filled with fantastic scenes of waifish girls and all kinds of animals. Contradictions abound in the work, most importantly in the figures, which are at once sensual and childlike. Among the champagne-sipping, gallery-goers was hip-hop […]