If you have been following artist Aurel Schmidt’s work, you may notice that she prefers to draw litter, debris, or ephemera that you could find in any trash bin or on the ground within a few steps of any busy city street.  Take, for example, the above drawing. The piece hangs in Opening Ceremony’s Ace Hotel shop and now has been been used to create 11 t-shirts, each one containing a different letter from the original artwork.  You can purchase one for $60 each at Opening Ceremony.

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Schmidt, who is represented by Deitch Projects and currently featured in the 2010 Whitney Biennial, as well as having her own bundled book, titled Pussy, bundled with the current Purple Fashion Magazine, is scorching hot. Grab a piece of her while you still can.  Each one is a “custom destroyed, frayed, and pre-loved off-white unisex t-shirt”.

Via Slamxhype.
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