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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Teaser: “Art on the Edge” @ Vered Gallery

On view in the Hamptons, beginning tomorrow, July 7th, is the “Art on the Edge” group show at the Vered Gallery featuring artists from the “New Contemporary” art movement (a term that seems to be getting popular). Included will be this stunning painting from David Stoupakis, “The Traveler”, as well as work from artists like Esao Andrews (interviewed), Peter Buchman, Ray Caesar, Colin Christian (interviewed), AJ Fosik, Adam Handler, Raul Higuero, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Francesco LoCastro, Brandi Milne, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters (interviewed), James Roper, […]

Event: Flood Tide – Remixed @ Rooftop Films

Tomorrow night, Rooftop Films will kick off its summer screening series with a special free event entitled Flood Tide: Remixed. The event will feature a 50-minute composition of footage from Flood Tide, a film shot on the Hudson River during Swoon (interviewed) and friends’ 2008 Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea raft project. Flood Tide: Remixed uses non-narrative material not included in the film and will be accompanied live by Swimming Cities musical collaborators, Dark Dark Dark. Floodtide: Remixed will take place at 7pm at […]

Second Helpings: June 2010

Summer is off to a blazing start as June sets the pace with a flurry of crazy shows. From the old schoolers to new comers, it seems that everyone is getting into it this month. Here’s another look back as the staff at AM brings you a look back at the juiciest stories of this past month. Get served after the jump.

Streets: Gaia in Korea

Our friend Gaia is currently in Korea working on some new projects.  Here is a “Tiger Rabbit” piece he put up in Seoul and in his words “the hybrid of the Tiger and Rabbit signifies the annual transition in the Korean calendar. Furthermore, these archetypal symbols of aggression and submission address the hierarchy of japanese colonization and contemporary korean identity. Situated in Hongdae, the center of Seoul’s fashion and nightlife, the neighborhood is the confluence of traditional Korean culture and American influence.” A video and […]

Streets: Invader in San Diego

As we have reported, the “Viva la Revolución : A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape” group show is fast approaching. While Barry McGee et al. were leaving their controversial mark in San Diego, Invader has been quietly getting up around town with his signature tile work, even getting close to the Navy ships stationed there it seems. There is method to his madness though as you will see in the video trailer after the jump; his path of street work forms a huge invader piece […]

Openings: Meggs – “King for a Day” @ Backwoods Gallery

Melbourne street artist Meggs, part of the Everfresh collective, opened his show “King for a Day” at the Backwoods Gallery last week. As part owner of the fresh new gallery, it seemed appropriate that the inaugural show would involve one of it’s founders. The collection of paintings, installations, and screenprints all feature his signature remix of comic imagery. More photos after the jump…

Teaser / Creative Process: Eric Fortune @ Roq La Rue

Opening next Friday, July 9th, in Seattle at the Roq La Rue Gallery will be a mini-show from Eric Fortune (interviewed). He recently revealed some thoughts behind one of the paintings, “Exquisite Departure” that will be part of that body of work – a first for him on canvas. Take a look some step by step photos of his process after the jump…

Video: Blu – “Big Bag Big Boom”

Over the course of the last year, we were able to see bits and pieces of the new graffiti-animation that Blu has been working on. Looks like all that hard work has paid off in a stunning new video – “Big Bag Big Boom”. Just like the original “Muto” and “Combo” (collaboration with David Ellis), the new work features wall-painted murals “timelapsed” into a sort of street animation with this new version featuring more clever interactions with the physical world. Check out his “unscientific point […]

Overtime: June 27 – July 3

Ron Meuck’s “Real Life” reaches Ontario. Andy Warhol at the Brooklyn Museum. Alexander Calder opens show at MCA Chicago. Dennis McNett for Barney’s. Li Xiaofeng works with Lacoste. Armsrock illuminated. RIP graffiti and hip-hop legend Rammellzee. BSA talks to Elbow-Toe. Revok, Saber, Askew, and Rime on a wall… switchin’ it up. POP UP! Festival in Italy kicks off with some Ericailcane. New work from Nomade in Los Angeles. Friends With You ups the ante with a custom 18 wheeler. Hellovon works with Nike’s Stadium at […]

Streets: Swoon

It seems like it’s been a while since we have seen new work from Swoon (interviewed) in her home city but she recently put up some pieces in New York, one of which (seen after the jump) made an appearance in the “Shred” show at Perry Rubenstein (previewed). The street artist has been busy though as she made an appearance at the Fame Festival, in Zambia, as well as will be joining the impressive lineup later this month in San Diego for the show at […]