In anticipation of his upcoming two person exhibition with Remi/Rough, AM brings you a view from the studio of Edinburgh based artist Steve More. More’s heritage as a graffiti writer dates back to the mid 80’s when his elaborately styled letter based pieces started to go up under the name of OneMor. He was part of Edinburgh based crew Fallen Angelz and then relocated to London for a number of years ahead of moving to New Zealand in 2003. In 2010, he returned to the UK, and based himself back in his native Edinburgh where he now lives and works.

Steve More is currently a member of the collaborative group Agents of Change – a team of like minded artists, designers and free thinkers with a graffiti and street art legacy that could fill a book or two with their individual and collective projects executed over the years. More’s current body of work moves away from direct graffiti and street art based work into an emerging realm of post-graffiti pieces, heavily mixed media in their nature and more akin to wall-hung sculptures than his previous painted works.

The fucked-up, paint-hungry nature of the textures encountered when painting in an urban environment are acknowledged within this new body of work, and the tactile nature of More’s work brings a unique take on his incorporation of form, letters and text from his roots on the street. More’s manipulation of the surface of his found materials with a combination of paint, heat, light, substance and even time through the natural ageing / weathering process of gathered elements creates different layers and planes within the work, and also serves to highlight some of his non-graffiti influences and inspiration too – the wonderful world of the abstract expressionism movement immediately comes to mind.

More pics from the studio after the jump.

The exhibition featuring Steve More and Remi/Rough entitled ‘A’ opens on Tuesday 1st February at Blackall Studios in London and runs until Sunday 6th February. Watch out for our studio visit with Remi/Rough coming soon.

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