Remi/Rough & Steve More

Remi/Rough and Steve More opened their dual exhibition A last night to a full house at Blackall Studios. AM went along to see the work for ourselves. The two artists have been friends for years since they wrote graffiti together in the 80’s/90’s. They live and work at polar opposite ends of the UK – Rough in South London and More in Edinburgh, and work both individually and also as collaborators within the Agents of Change collective, whose British contingent came from the four corners of the UK to show support and attend the exhibition.

The work on show is generally very different in terms of their artistic styles, practice and also use of materials / media, but it is apparent within the work that Rough (studio visit) and More (studio visit) share similar ideals, aesthetics, and inspirations. The post-graffiti gallery work of the two artists does hang extremely well alongside each other. The selection and placement of the pieces were obviously well thought out with the two most congruent pieces As Yet Untitled by Rough and Everything At Once by More hanging side by side at the far end of the gallery, their colours and the dynamic emotion captured within telling a similar tale. These two paintings did indeed seem to be the focus of the exhibition – a giant black vinyl letter A on the floor acts as an arrowhead pointing directly towards these two pieces.

Mojitos and beer flowed all night at the bar. We missed the cakes though. The German printer missed the delivery of the eloquently designed exhibition catalogues, but thankfully you can view it here. Make sure though that you don’t miss this short run exhibition before it closes on Sunday 6th February.

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Remi/Rough with Matt Small

Steve More

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