The POW WOW wasn’t only an indoor affair. Being in Hawaii, the gang took full advantage of all that the beautiful tropical atmosphere had to offer. An entire side of the building (across from Fresh Cafe) was secured for the artists who quickly put their street game facse on. Prime, Wu Yue, 123Klan, Will BarrasMeggs, and Ekundayo grabbed their spray cans to work under the Honolulu sky. The end product was dynamic murals created so that the local art fans could enjoy for years to come.

The momentous week of creation that was Pow Wow would not have been as successful if it weren’t for it’s headquarters – Camp North. Stepping away from the metro surroundings of Honolulu, the crew stayed at the opposite side of the island located on North Shore. Known for world class surf and gorgeous views, the artists retreated to the “country” each day after their adventures in “town”.

To cap off the fantastic week, a special Lu’au was held where we got to experience the art of cooking and party in the traditional Hawaiian way. The day before the feast an Imu was created where a giant pit was dug out and lined with heated rocks and coals. Once the fire was blazing, a tuna stuffed turkey, chicken wrapped in ti leaves, and of course, a ginormous pig was lowered into the pit. Afterwards, everyone was invited to help layer in fresh ti & banana leaves and wet coffee bags (from the island of Kona of course) before the pit was sealed again in soil for 16 hours. The next day, the pit was dug up and the food was hand prepped for the party. It’s impossible to describe in words how diverse and tasty the feast was, but one word comes to mind – Delicious! This local method of cooking was an art in itself. Before the food coma hit, we were entertained with a local magic show, a live rizzling demo and an authentic hula dancing showcase.

A special thanks to our host Kamea Hadar, his family and of course Admiral Jasper Wong for making Hawaii a home during our stay. Aloha! All the action and an awesome video from BOOOOOOOM after the jump

123 Klan



Meggs & Jasper Wong

Nothing but rubbed sea salt

Kamea stuffs the turkey with fresh Ahi tuna

In goes the piggy...

Ti Leaves

Soaked Kona coffee bags... nothing but the finest to keep the meat juicy

Real men are in the kitchen

Nicole Naone, Jeff Hamada & Kamea Hadar are entranced by the magic

Larry the Rizzling master gave a live demonstration

“Rizzling” video created by Jeff Hamada of Booooooom.
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