Kid Acne’s latest solo exhibition kicked off this week at StolenSpace and AM went along to see the work for ourselves at the opening on Thursday evening. We called in to see Mr. Acne earlier this month at his studio in Sheffield as he was putting the work together, but he still managed to pull out a host of surprises for us, not least in the centre-piece installation for Rhythm is a Dancer.

A giant ashtray in the middle of the gallery floor housed some 3D Art Fags, complete with accompanying smoke billowing to the ceiling. The sinuous hair pieces we’ve seen him using as a motif of late decorated large canvases, largely in the aspect ratio of cigarette packets, their base colours and titles hinting at the most popular of cigarette brands – Menthol, Original, Lights & Mild amongst the titles used. Original photographs of Art Fags were presented as framed cigarette cards, and those loveable smoking dogs playing cards and pool – that have adorned many a smoke-filled boozer over the years, and are practically a British institution – got the Acne treatment re-appropriated as a great series of watercolours.

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