Clayton Brothers

According to our friend Amanda Erlanson, the long awaited HEROES & VILLAINS book has finally been released. In it, photographers Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho take snapshots of many of the artists we follow here on AM. Not only are the resulting portraits technically sound, the duo were able to capture the essence of each artist – for example, Shawn Barber (featured) and his tattoos, Tiffany Bozic and her bird, or SHAG (interviewed) in a modern retro setting.

We’ve seen the publication in person and were quite impressed. Not only will you now be able to recognize your favorite artists at shows, there are also some of the most well-researched interviews we have read from Amanda included. You can now purchase it now on the publisher’s website – ZERO+ Publishing.

More preview images after the jump and also learn more about some the concepts behind the shoots here.