Currently showing at Fondation Beyeler is the first exhibition ever devoted by a Swiss museum to American artist Jeff Koons. The show runs until September 2, 2012 and features a focus on three bodies of works: The New, Banality, and Celebration. There’s also a huge flower sculpture, Split Rocker, in the garden of the museum. This video from Vernissage TV boasts footage of the entire show as well as a talk with curator Dr. Theodora Vischer.

Other than this featured video, other notables for the week in our Rewind include:

  • Yayoi Kusama does Alice in the Wonderland (via Hyperallergic).
  • Final trailer for Bomb It 2 (via Urban Art Core).
  • Tattoo A Banana – Book Edition of PITW Video.
  • Banksy’s parachuting rat destroyed by builders in Melbourne.
  • An interview with Irish conceptual artist and painter Michael Craig-Martin.
  • A video on Sotheby’s Hong Kong gallery opening.
  • Interview with Risk MSK “Pressurized Content.”
  • Dabs Myla & Kems turns truck into “urban tiger with street power.”
  • Behind the scenes look at the set up of Ai Weiwei’s piece at the National Museums of Asian Art at the Smithsonian.
  • Yoskay Yamamoto’s mural for Branded Arts on video (via Vinyl Pulse).