This past winter, Tauba Auerbach returned to her hometown of San Francisco and visited the studios of master printers Paulson Bott Press to create an exceptional fine art edition. Entitled Mesh / Moire, this new project stems from the innovative synergy of PBP’s wide array of tools & printing expertise and  Tauba’s seemingly limitless creativity with color theory & visual awareness.

Drawing on a simple theory of stretching mesh, Ms. Auerbach warps the symmetrical squares into non-conforming geometric shapes, eventually bending the very pattern which she started with. PBP then uses their printing plates to push the ink onto the paper to create a visually captivating images. Each piece is the result of running two different combination of two plates (out of seven created) through the press. Each pattern also uses a unique blending of colors to create a magical iridescent visual effect. The bending of the moire patterns also achieves a feeling of depth.

There are six distinct prints hand created measuring 40″ by 30″ with an edition size of 40. Take a look at all the hypnotic patterns below. Contact Paulson Bott Press for more details.

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