Ryan De La Hoz has been grabbing our eye over the last couple of years and appreciation of his artwork has been building momentum rapidly recently. His current solo exhibition What New Mystery Is This? is showing at RVCA in San Francisco, and is accompanied by new window displays in the SF space by other artists we admire – Bill McRight and Ben Venom. Ryan’s work utilizes cut paper and found imagery with exquisitely detailed ink linework to create a wonderful blend of Op-Art fused with geometric assemblages. The exhibition also sees him use a variety of other exciting new medias including bespoke jigsaw puzzles, disassembled and reconstituted to create exciting new compositions and also his first foray into sculpture with a series of laser cut images that start with a source image that are repeated and further distorted & abstracted across their progression as an installation (seen above).

The exhibition runs until 25th May, so there is still time to check it out in person if you are in SF. Ryan also just opened a bricks and mortar store for his online shop Cool Try in SF too, so make it a double date.

Check out some pictures from the opening event here. Pictures courtesy of the artist via Sami Naffziger.
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