Francesco Igory Deiana (featured) recently finished an installation in the window of RVCA on Haight St in SF. Using wood and spray paint, he built a structure using his recognizable geo elements painted with bright neon red and orange color with dark cloudy stains over them. With a such distinctive setup, the San Francisco-based artist definitely managed to get the store window more noticeable on this famous, already very bright and colorful street.

Due to the size of the installation and the time limitations, Deiana couldn’t work with ball point pen ink as usual, but the spray paint actually worked even better in this situation. The artist worked with his assistant on this project for the most of July, as they built all the surfaces there, including floors, bricks and walls. The concept of the installation is built around the idea of unnatural clouds, almost atomic, nuclear, polluted, toxic and fake, covering the bright surfaces. These clouds reflect the present state of the world we live in, and Deiana titled it 2013.

After this project, Deiana will continue to work with RVCA and will have some of his graphics coming out with them, as well as some new collaborations in the year 2014. Also, he is having a solo show opening soon, so stay tuned for more info on that.

Photo credit: Mariko Reed
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