San Francisco based artist, Francesco Igory Deiana, is opening a solo show at The Popular Workshop in San Francisco on the 27th of September. Shortly after finishing installing the window show of RVCA store in Heigh street (covered), Deiana is ready to introduce his latest body of work in the Bay Area. Known for working with different kinds of mediums from ball point pen, spray paint, photography prints to sculpture, and feeling comfortable creating drawings, paintings, collages or installations, newest show The Fall will cover all these bases. Paintings drawn with ball point pen, photography prints manipulated with bleach, or sculptures painted with ink are just some of the examples of the way his practice is confusing the distinction between forms. By mixing portraiture with iconography, geometry with photography, being influenced by nature and abstract, and not being limited by any practices or art genres, Deiana’s work “conjures the detached and unsettling feeling of our fractured contemporary world”. It’s this feeling of freedom, of letting yourself, your body, spirit and ego, that inspired him for a title of the show. By letting him self “fall free”, the artist is not affected by pressure of the context, reference, the expectations of the artworld or the world in general. At the same time, the weight of the world, falling on our back from above, is crushing – showing the other side of “free fall.” The artist is exhibiting 12 different sized works he created in last year, as well as an installation with sculptures that are actually 3D presentations of his portraiture works. The show will be on view until October 31, 2013.

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