AM recently brought you a preview of Antler Gallery’s Unnatural Histories II exhibition including the first look at the Josh Keyes‘ work in the group show. We now have pictures from the opening, courtesy of the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

The concept of the exhibition called for each participating artist to create a natural history inspired portrait of a mythical creature. The subject can either be taken from existing mythologies/folklore or completely invented by the artist. Each of the artworks is then accompanied by a framed description of the creature as written by the artist.

The participating artists are as follows – Josh Keyes, Heiko Muller, Amy Ruppel, Katherine Brannock, Aaron Jasinski, Brin Levinson, Lisa Ericson, Susannah Kelly, Jennifer Parks, Keith Carter, Jon MacNair, Neil M. Perry, Bijijoo, Wes Younie and Rachel Sabin, with many in attendance at the opening. Pictured above are Josh Keyes & Lisa Ericson in front of Lisa’s piece entitled The Sentry.

Here’s the accompanying text for her work – “First Sighting: After days of travel through wooded, mountainous terrain, I came to a clearing criss-crossed by a web of water, reflecting the dull glow of the overcast sky. Beyond it stretched a lush and beautiful vista. Before I could take a single step further, a most unusual creature seemed to appear from nowhere. It stood calmly atop a boulder at the edge of the clearing and leveled its heavy gaze directly at me. It had the body of a tiger, and its cat-like grace, but its head – large, maned, like an ox with horns that almost looked like tusks. Though it made no sound nor any move toward me, I felt the warning strongly. I turned and went back the way I had come.”

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