After painting a whole train back in 2011, Brazilian brothers and legendary graffiti artists, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo aka Os Gemeos, recently raised the bar even further. In collaboration with the Brazilian national football team, and GOL Airlines, they painted the whole 737 Boeing that will carry their national team and personnel during the World Cup.

Known for their fast work, practiced over the years while working on the streets of Sao Paolo, the twins completed this monumental piece in one week only, using 1200 cans of spray paint. Covering most of the plane with their signature yellow characters, which coincidentally is the color of the team, they created a unique art piece that will surely become one of the landmark images from the upcoming World Cup. Featuring cleverly incorporated characters on the engines, around pilot cabins, and proudly showing the colorfulness of their nation, the plane will go on its first flight on Tuesday, flying between Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. After the event, the plane will become a regular part of the GOL fleet, and will be used as such for at least two more years.

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Photo credit: Junior Lago/UOL.