Tomorrow night (May 10th) in San Francisco, the White Walls Gallery will be opening a new group exhibition curated by Sven Davis entitled¬†Space//Squared. Following up on a show last year in Portland (covered), artists are again asked to contribute artwork in a¬†10″ x 10″ inch format, allowing us to see how each responds to the same prescribed guidelines. Along with pieces from over 100 artists (list seen below), Adam Friedman and Robert Minervini will create a site-specific installation (see video below) featuring a series of paintings interwoven with mural elements.

Participating artists include: 2501, Adam Friedman, Adam Weir, Akiko Masker, Alex Lukas, Alicia Dubnyckyj, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Alyssa Dennis, Amy Casey, Amze Emmons, Andrew Mackenzie, Ben Venom, Benjamin Rawson, Bill McRight, Blaine Fontana, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Brian Robertson, Brian Sanchez, Brooke Grucella, Carl Cashman, Casey Gray, Catherine Borowski, Chris Ballantyne, Chris Blackstock, Chris Scarborough, Chris Valkov, Christina Empedocles, Christopher Derek Bruno, Clayton Brothers, Conall Hann, Conrad Crespin, Cranio, Crystal Wagner, Damion Silver, Dave Kinsey, David Bray, David Cook, David Shillinglaw, Deedee Cheriel, Derm, Dimitri Kozyrev, Drew Tyndell, Duncan Jago, Duncan Johnson, El Tono, Ellanah Sadkin, Erik Otto, Erin Murray, Erin Riley, Evah Fan, Florence Blanchard, Francesco Igory Deiana, Gabriel Shaffer, Gianluca Franzese, Graphic Surgery, Greg Eason, Greg Lamarche, Gregory Euclide, Hannah Lee, Ian Francis (seen above), Jack Sutherland, Jacob Whibley, James Benjamin Franklin, James Kidd, Jason Thielke, Jeff Gillette, Jenny Odell, Jens Hausmann, Jerry Inscoe, Jocelyn Duke, Jon Burgerman, Jordin Isip, Jud Bergeron, Julie Gross, Kai & Sunny, Kema, Kenji Hirata, Kevin Peterson, Know Hope, Kristen Schiele, Kyle Jorgensen, Lauren Napolitano, Leah Mackin, Lee Baker, Liam Snootle, Lori Larusso, LX One, Mario Wagner, Mark Dean Veca, Mark Schoening, Mark Warren Jacques, Martina Merlini, Mary Iverson, Matthew Craven, Matthew Feyld, Max Kaufman, Megan Gorham, Michael Peck, Mike Egan, Mike Maxwell, Mike Perry, Moneyless, Morgan Blair, Nawer, Newso, O.Two, Pedro Matos, Persue, Poesia, Ramblin Worker, Rebecca Carino, Rich Jacobs, Ricky Allman, Robert Minervini, Russell Leng, Ryan Bubnis, Ryan De La Hoz, Ryan Dineen, Ryan Stewart Nault, Saner, Scott Listfield, Scott Malbaurn, Seonna Hong, Sinc, Sophie Roach, St. Monci, Sweet Toof, Teresa Duck, Tofer Chin, Tom French, Tyler Bewley, Von, Will Sears, William Sager, Winston Smith, Zaria Forman, and Zoer.

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