Four graffiti & street art artists from around Europe were recently invited to Krakow, Poland to work on a project named Boom Apartments. Sainer from the Etam CruNawer from Poland, Moneyless from Italy, and Zoer & Velvet from France, got an apartment each to work on setting up. From painting indoor murals, to picking and arranging furniture, and designing the interior, each artist had an opportunity to turn each of the spaces into a unique work of art.

Recently, the artists finished the 1st phase of the project, which is painting the walls inside the rooms. Nawer painted an abstract piece using expressive brush strokes, spray painted lines, drips and bright colors, while Moneyless stayed true to his repetitive imagery forming geometrical abstractions. In contrast to this, Zoer & Velvet painted an incredibly detailed and realistic piece each, while Sainer stayed true to Etam Cru’s surrealistic style, by painting an emotive People Hear What They See piece, along with photorealistic drawers and a birdhouse around it.

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