Time for another Rewind feature here on AM. Leading things off is a new video from the Wall Street Journal profiling Os Gemeos and their stunning new exhibition (covered) in Sao Paulo. Along with footage of the paintings and installations, the Brazilian twins talk about how their work is like a portal into the subconscious, the moment right before falling asleep.

Other notable videos for your perusal include:

  • Skateboard paintings by Matt Reilly (via TWBE).
  • Ludo – The Chaos Theory.
  • Art in video games with That Game Company.
  • A look at Jason Middlebrook.
  • An auction based on emotions.
  • Marina Abramovic collaborates on a film with Adidas.
  • Parker Ito skating in his studio.
  • Behind-the-scenes making of: PRIVATE, Mona Kuhn To be released by Steidl Fall 2014.
  • The RedBall Project from Kurt Perschke (via Beautiful/Decay).
  • The fine art of Japanese Parquetry (via Colossal).
  • Ripo’s W.O.W. (What Once Was) – Solo Exhibition.
  • Logan Hicks for The L.I.S.A Project in NYC.
  • Urban Calligraphy – Lucid Dream by Simon Silaidis (via Graffart).
  • VNA Cover shoot with Robert “3D” Del Naja.