From the 15th till 19th of August, gallery Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne will be showing the new works from this year’s MyFinBec project. The annual series organized by the winery Cave Fin Bec in Switzerland commissions artists to create wine labels for their special limited edition organic wine.

This year’s lineup included VHILS from Portugal, Herakut from Germany, C215 from France, and Etam Cru from Poland. In every instance, eight different labels were painted on stacks of 84 crates each. The stacks make a 2 x 3 meter surface for the artists, and with all of the participants having a strong street art background, this resulted in some beautiful and diverse works. From Vhils’ scratching, C215’s detailed stencil works, to Etam Cru’s or Herakut’s mixed media works, these unique pieces will be going on a European tour for the first time this year. Starting with Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne, the works will then be shown at four day popup shows in Rome, London, etc. After that they will be dismantled, crates filled with bottles of wine, and sent to their new owners.

Each painted case is available for purchase via the MyFinBec website, along with limited edition lithographs of the images, created at the legendary Idem Studio in Paris.