Bom.K was recently invited to Djerba in Tunisia, to take part in the big Djerbahood Project organized by Galerie Itinerrance in Paris. The French graffiti artist, one of the key members of Da Mental Vaporz crew, who’s been showing his works recently in galleries throughout Europe and USA, created couple of different street works for this open space museum.

Getting a chance to paint in such a specific and different environment, such as the streets of Erriadh, was a great opportunity and challenge for every artist involved. Bom.K was inspired by the place and the people, which was apparent from his pieces. The main one shows a local man in traditional robes, floating along with his goat and clay vases that can be found around the area. With his signature spray can work and use of colors that blend with the blue sky and sand, this piece still has that familiar creepy edge that Bom.K’s works are known for. Along with this piece, he painted another striking collaboration work with calligraphy artist Shoof, mixing more local images into an interesting composition. In a similar way he created a hands piece together with Pantonio with each of the artists painting the same hand, seen from different sides and juxtaposed on some old blue wooden gates. By combining the elements of the surrounding, together with the imagery created, Bom.K surely left interesting marks on the streets of this small village.