After their inaugural show at their winery in Sion, Switzerland, the MyFinBec project (introduced) toured around Europe showing the commissioned artworks at pop up shows in Cologne, London, Rome, and now has finally reached Berlin. Featuring  eight original artworks, small scale murals painted on 672 wood wine cases in total, by the likes of  Vhils, Herakut, C215, and Etam Cru, these unique events were a perfect mixture of art and wine tasting.

Between October 8th and the 12th, the show stopped by Berlin, where in collaboration with Open Walls Gallery, they organized a special art/wine pop up event in an empty, 100 year old swimming pool. Over 1,000 local art lovers and enthusiasst visited the last show of the tour, saw the works in person, tasted the wine, and had a chance to purchase parts of original works, or a limited edition lithograph of the works. As with every year, each of the original artworks created for the labels of their wine, is divided into 84 sections of wooden wine cases, which are available for purchase at their pop up shows as well as online.

After this show, the works are heading back to Switzerland, where they will be disassembled, each case filled with 6 bottles of organic wine, and then shipped to their owners worldwide.