After a successful solo show in Cologne (covered), Maya Hayuk is following that up by opening her first solo show in Manhattan on October 30th. Titled Light Heavy, this will be her third solo with Cinders Gallery, this time at their pop up location at Mulherin NY (124 Forsyth St).

The title of the exhibition comes from the feel of the works created for this show – large and textured, the works feel heavy, but the bright colors make them feel light. As seen from a teaser piece above, “the complex conversation between light, color, and space has further evolved with these new works. Symmetric and strict in composition, Hayuk’s paintings and murals feel very lively and energetic at the same time, through her imperfect symmetry and drippy thick lines. This dichotomy is the main idea behind this show, as it symbolizes the eternal and universal balance between good and evil, light and dark.

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