Howard Griffin Gallery is currently presenting an exhibition and sculptural installation by Giacomo Bufarini a.k.a. RUN entitled Parabola di G. The London-based artist began painting murals on abandoned walls in Bologna and Florence in the 1990s under the pseudonym ‘RUN’ and his signature characters with interlocking hands and faces can be found from China to Senegal. Moving to London in 2007, the Italian artist continued his street work as RUN while developing his studio work.

In this exhibition, Bufarini leads the viewer through a semi-autobiographical narrative told through a series of highly detailed pen and ink drawings that collectively make up a book within an immersive gallery wide monochrome installation. The imagery follows the journey of a semi-fictional character, G, as he falls through levels of reality into a dreamscape. As they walk through the space, visitors discover a story within a story, stepping into the unfolding drawing pages. Through a host of metaphorical characters in surreal scenes, the show explores ideas of imagination and creativity and spirituality.

Photo credit: Butterfly.